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AMU Being Evacuated: Who Will Take Responsibility of Students’ Safety in Forced Travel?

Afshan Khan, BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi: Amid Jamia and AMU protests row, information of order by AMU administration has come from Aligarh where students are being asked to vacate the hostels. Students informed BeyondHeadlines that the girl students are facing serious security threats as they are being asked to vacate hostels by evening. They will be dropped at a distance of 30 km from AMU. Then they are free to go wherever they want. Now the question is where will they all go all of a sudden and what about their safety?

If the students in such a huge number go in this forced travel and any mishap takes place if the police itself involves in further violence against them then who will be responsible for this? Will the AMU VC take their responsibility?

Internet is down in AMU and the students and teachers are unable to reach to social media and report the brutality of the police and behaviour of AMU administration.

BeyondHeadlines has been informed that the police entered the AMU campus while students were gathered near Bab-e-Sayyed in solidarity with Jamia students and against the brutality of Delhi police. The police entered and fired inside the campus after teargas shelling. Police followed the same pattern in which Delhi police had taken control of the entire Jamia Millia Islamia.

Now the questions are being raised, ‘on what provocation did the police have to enter into the two campuses while the agitation was peaceful and democratic? Why did the police used tear gas continuously and fired inside the campus? What justification do they have?’

Manish Sisodia yesterday tweeted a video and alleged that the police was setting fire on buses. The photographs and videos circulated on social media yesterday only suggest that police is a culprit of setting the fire on buses and creating unrest in Jamia Nagar. No mob is seen near the bus area hence it raises serious questions on the claims of police narrative. If the allegations against the police are true then they must be exposed.

AMU fraternity is demanding that the civil society groups come forward and set up a fact-finding team and provide legal aid to the students of AMU and Jamia. They also demand that the police and administration provide details on how many students have been detained, injured and missing.

India has been facing a serious crisis of governance right now but the central government seems to have no interest in taking solid steps in normalising the unrest. Nationwide protests are being carried out against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 which sets the criterion for granting citizenship on the basis of religion which is against the ‘Basic Structure’ of the Indian Constitution.

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