Efforts to lure Amin Rasool Galwan for BJP’s Bihar Poll Campaign!

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fought the 2019 Lok Sabha polls with Pakistan, Pulwama, and Balakot as their main poll planks. This was after the terrible disaster of demonetization and the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which took away money from the hands of the poor and the loss of livelihoods turned out to be in crores. The innocent electorate was fooled and cheated and the liars rode back to power even after not giving the promised Rupees Fifteen Lakh to each Indian. The BJP is readying its poll campaign on the Galwan valley. According to political pundits who pleaded for anonymity, efforts are on to lure Amin Rasool Galwan to join BJP and campaign for the party. The insistence of sporting a red Tilak on the forehead and targeting the turmoil in Kashmir and the Chinese aggression through his speeches in Bihar polls seem to have Amin Galwan in two minds. The Galwan clan may not like such a plan. But the ‘promised’ Rajya Sabha seat from Bihar, if the BJP – JD (U) wins the polls, is a big carrot dangling in front of Amin Galwan. Amin Galwan will not disclose his plans yet.

Instead of feeling ashamed and taking responsibility for the loss of 20 brave hearts of the Indian army, the BJP seems hell-bent on projecting the ‘tragedy’ for electoral gains. Bihar regiment has found an echo in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech while announcing job schemes as ‘paying tribute.’ The fact is that the brave Bihar regiment has soldiers from different parts of the country but the BJP wants to capitalize on the name ‘Bihar regiment.’ You will find the BJP leader Narendra Modi praising the Bihari valour in his election rallies as if the Biharis have just acquired bravery! Little does Narendra Modi know that Biharis are our brave compatriots since the beginning of the civilized world. The Biharis produced a Jaiprakash Narayan to fight against tyranny and for the protection of democracy. They will do it yet again this year and in 2024.

The ‘Termites Specialist’ will keep attacking the ‘termites’ especially in the Seemanchal region which shares the border with the ‘Termitedesh.’ A heady mix of nationalism and appealing to the raw communal passion of the people is a strategy planned for the Bihar Legislative Assembly polls. The Minister who does not apply his mind on the deepening economic crisis but aspire for ‘hitting the bullets to brothers -in- law’ is being touted as a star campaigner. The script is familiar, the dice is loaded and the game is just a few months away. On the other hand, the opposition is as fragmented as ever. Pappu failed in 2014 and 2019. But, lately, he has been seen to be making noises of the right kind. Will 2020 be any better for Pappu and puppets even as a junior partner in Bihar?

Even if Amin Rasool Galwan dons the saffron gear for the BJP and shares the stage at a rally with Narendra Modi in Patna, it may not fetch the desired dividends as Amin’s great grandfather Ghulam Rasool Galwan had worked as a tourist guide for the British. The British named the Galwan valley after Ghulam Rasool discovered this valley and the river and saved the lost British explorers from death. He was not a freedom fighter. The party of timid Savarkarites may have to write mercy petitions to regain the confidence of the electorate for their repeated failures inside the country and on the borders.


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