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Dharam Yudh Prem Gone Wrong: Nausheen Begum Murders Abusive Extremist Husband Gagan Agarwal; Protects Daughters from Sexual Assault

There is nothing like Love Jihad that exists as the Government of India clarified in the Lok Sabha sometime ago. But the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state governments in different states are competing with each other to come out with absurd Love Jihad laws. The term itself denotes hate and contempt by Hindutva forces aiming to send Muslim youth to jail on false charges and destroy their lives. Love is a noble feeling and Jihad means struggle but the Hindutva fanatics portray it as war or fight. How can love and fight co-exist? After the Narendra Modi Government took power in Gujarat 20 years ago, an alleged conspiracy by the extremist Hindutva forces gained momentum to lure innocent and poor Muslim girls, forcibly convert them to Hinduism, marry, abuse and discard them or even kill them. This is nothing but Dharam Yudh Prem. Many poor Muslim girls have been abducted across India, forcibly converted to Hinduism but nothing is done to stop this menace. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, etc. have many Muslim girl – Hindu boy couples. In the case of Dharam Yudh Prem case gone wrong in Hyderabad, Nausheen Begum alias Maryada Agarwal was arrested by Vanasthalipuram police in Hyderabad this week, for allegedly knifing her abusive and extremist husband Gagan Agarwal to protect her daughters from his perverted sexual assault.

Tutored by the right-wing agenda to lure and kidnap Muslim women and forcibly convert them to Hinduism in the name of marriage, Gagan ventured to trap Nausheen Begum – a mother of 5 children into an adulterous affair, which eventually led to her divorce from her first husband. Nausheen was allegedly forced to convert to Hinduism and eventually married by Gagan Agarwal in a Hindu temple. Nausheen Begum’s life turned a nightmare two years ago after she was transformed into Maryada Agarwal overnight. She began staying with the alleged alcoholic Gagan Agarwal in a house at Vanasthalipuram along with her children. Gagan would allegedly torture Nausheen to get dowry from her parents and hurl choicest abuses at the religion of her parents. He would allegedly demand Nausheen to earn money from prostitution which she resisted vehemently. It was becoming increasing difficult for Nausheen to protect her minor daughters from molestation and sexual assault bids by Gagan Agarwal.

On the day of Gagan Agarwal’s murder, there was another male in the house. It is being investigated who that other person was? Nausheen’s ‘Maryada’ (respect) came to the boil to protect the honour of her minor daughters. Maryada Agarwal has confessed that she knifed Gagan Agarwal as he was threatening to kill them if he was not allowed to sexually assault the minor girls. He reportedly told her – ‘Vo ladkiyan Musalman ki aulad hain, meri betiyan nahi. Unhein is ghar mein rehna hai to, mere shareer ki aag bujhaani hogi!’ (These girls are produced by a Muslim. They are not my daughters. If they want to stay in this house, they must satiate my sexual fire). Perhaps, Gagan Agarwal forced himself on top of one of the minor girls and refused to back down. Sensing that Gagan may sexually assault the screaming and horrified girl, Nausheen allegedly snatched the knife from Gagan’s hand and stabbed him to bring Gagan down from the top of her minor daughter. Gagan bled to death. Nausheen allegedly confessed that she killed and buried Gagan in a drainage pit in their house all by herself!

Nausheen the murderer now turned a liar too. She made a false complaint at the Vanasthalipuram police station that her husband Gagan has gone missing. She was accompanied by Gagan’s brother Akash Agarwal. Her luck ran out as she sent a message using Gagan’s mobile phone. She was traced to her parents’ house in Yakutpura and arrested on charges of murder. Why did her family shield a murderer? Why was she not reported to the police? Who was the ‘other man’ in Gagan’s house at the time of his murder? Was Gagan running a prostitution den? Did Nausheen kill Gagan in self-defence and to protect the honour of her minor daughters? Answers to all these probing questions will be found out during the course of detailed investigation by Hyderabad City Police – one of the smartest forces in the country professionally equipped to bust crime.

The right-wing agenda about ‘luring and converting Muslim girls to Hinduism and abuse them’ should be scanned from the internet and social media to send the extremists to life imprisonment apart from seizing their property. The Central and State governments should collect data from all over the country where Muslim girls were abducted, forcibly converted to Hinduism, and married by the right-wing extremists and reunite the girls with their parents. A new law against Dharam Yudh Prem should be enacted to keep social harmony in the country. Meanwhile, the religious scholars or the Ulema should spare some time in bringing awareness in the Muslim community to put an immediate end to the scourge of dowry.

Greedy parents of boys should stop their game of dowry. Girls of parents should lodge police complaints against prospective grooms and their parents who demand dowry coming to their house in the name of ‘seeing the girl.’ A girl is not cattle to be physically examined! The flair for — ‘very fair and beautiful girl is sending the community into a dark mode and to a point of no return. The demands are endless: The girl should be very fair and beautiful, give loads of cash in dowry, top it up with a car or a motorbike and dinner on the wedding day for 2,000 people. Whatever gold is given, it will be with your daughter only the groom’s parents mock at the bride’s parents. After all this, there is no guarantee that the girl will live happily ever after. The pre-marriage dowry demands and the post-marriage dowry harassment must stop for the community’s sake and for the sake of our country. Fast track courts should be set up to punish the dowry mongers. It is high time the harassed girls should tell their greedy mothers-in-law — the Budhiyaas (old women), not coming to senses, as told by our dear Dilawer (Dharmendra), husband of Aisha Bi (Hema Malini):

When I dead, police coming… police coming, budhiya going jail… in jail budhiya chakki peesing, and peesing and peesing and peesing! (Film: Sholay)

(When I die, police will come, old woman will go to jail and in jail, she will grind, and grind and grind and grind)!

It may be recalled that Dharmendra and Hema Malini had converted to Islam to get married. It is time to portray as real Muslims. Aisha Bi @ Hema Malini must raise this issue of Dharam Yuddh Prem urgently in Lok Sabha in the budget session beginning on Monday and demand the Narendra Modi government to protect the Muslim girls from the clutches of the right-wing extremists by enacting a stringent law against Dharam Yuddh Prem.

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