Ajit Sahi:  Mr. Sahi is a senior journalist, political analyst, human rights, and civil liberties activist, who divides his time between Mumbai and New Delhi. He has done path-breaking stories for many major publications and news channels over the years.

He is an adviser at BeyondHeadlines.

M Reyaz: Mr. Reyaz is one of the founding editors of BH. He has also worked with ITV India and TCN and has written articles for Al-Jazeera, The Hoot, DNA, The Wire, DailyO, etc. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Aliah University, Kolkata.

He is consulting editor at the BH and tweets at @journalistreyaz

Priya Kapoor: Ms. Priya is an experienced journalist who has worked with India Today and The Times of India. She started with reporting on civic issues and went on doing data stories. A recipient of the WHO-sponsored Road Safety Fellowship in 2018, she has produced many in-depth data stories on various aspects of road safety.

At BH she works as a Guest Editor and can be reached at

Afroz Alam Sahil: Mr. Sahil is a journalist and author who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics, history, culture, minorities, and Human Rights. He is the recipient of more than 20 awards, felicitations, and fellowships. Afroz has contributed to BBC Hindi, The Print, The Wire, India Times, Down to Earth, National Herald, Navjivan, TwoCircles, and many other websites, newspapers, and magazines. In the past, he has worked with TV9 Mumbai and UNI TV. He also worked as an Editor at TwoCircles.

Afroz is the Editor of BH and tweets at @afrozsahil

Kamala Kanta Dash: Mr. Dash has worked on community engagement in public policy of Australia and India for his Ph.D. at Monash University, Australia. He has taught school students in Life Skills, Social Skills, and Study Skills as part of the Newspaper In Education (NIE) program for the leading national daily The Hindu (New Delhi Edition). His areas of interest among others include Indian politics, policy analysis, skills training, interfaith, human rights, and social justice. He has been consulted for policy advice at the national and international levels.

Mr. Dash is the Honorary Editor of BH and can be reached at:

Raqib Hameed Naik: Raqib is originally from the Doda district in J&K and travels between Kashmir and New Delhi. He is a freelance journalist, primarily focussing on conflict and human rights. His work has appeared in TRT World, Doha Center for Media Freedom, The Globe Post, The Defense Post, Herald Magzine, The Wire, DailyO,, and many other Kashmir based newspapers and magazines.

At BH he works as a Guest Editor and can be reached at

Afshan Khan: Ms. Khan has a graduate and Master’s degree in Political Science from Jamia Millia Islamia. She has contributed articles, book reviews, and videos to The Wire, TwoCircles, Arab News, and other online platforms. Her area of interest lies in politics, society, intersectionality, international relations, and political philosophy.

She is a Special Correspondent at BH. She tweets at @AfshanKhanSahil

Rujuta Phadke:  A Pol. Science graduate and a Master’s in Mass Communication, Rujuta has worked as a Television Correspondent for News channels and as a Researcher for a prestigious entertainment channel in the Indian Television Industry. She has a knack for knowledge and is currently pursuing her second Post Graduate degree. She enjoys reading vastly, is an occasional blogger, and issues of women and children are her areas of interest apart from politics.

At BH she works as a Special Correspondent. Ms. Rujuta can be contacted at

Joydeep Hazarika: Originally from Guwahati, Assam, Joydeep graduated from Delhi University and did a master’s in Convergent Journalism from Jamia’s MCRC. He is working as News Producer with Asian News International (ANI). Besides writing, Joydeep has a critical and funnier side to him which comes out in his cartoons. He can be reached at:

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