India Deplores Use of Force Against Libyan Protesters

United Nations, Feb 27 (PTI): India today joined other UNSC members in imposing sanctions against the Libyan regime and deplored the “unacceptable” use of force in the country, though it said it favoured a more calibrated approach on referring the matter to a war crimes tribunal.

The resolution to slap sanctions against the Gaddafi regime was passed unanimously by the UNSC after diplomats spent an entire day yesterday working on the draft prepared by France, UK, Germany and the US.

“We deplore the use of force, which is totally unacceptable,” Hardeep Singh Puri, India’s ambassador to the UN said at the Council after the resolution was approved.

“We also have concerns about the safety of Indian nationals and their assets in Libya,” he said, asking Libya to ensure the safe departure of foreigners from the country.

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