Egyptians to Vote on Constitutional Amendments With ID Cards

Cairo (Xinhua) — Egyptian citizens will vote in the referendum of constitutional amendments and the coming parliamentary and presidential elections with their ID cards, Egyptian official MENA news agency reported.

Egyptian over 18 years will have the right to vote, and the citizens are not required to go to the police stations as there will be a database for the whole process, MENA quoted a security source, who asked not to be named, as saying.

He added that the interior ministry will declare soon the location of the polling stations and the elections constituency.

There is widespread argument in Egyptian society over the process of voting after people slammed voting manipulation and frauds in the parliamentary elections last November.

The ruling National Democratic Party won an overwhelming majority in the parliamentary elections, which triggered the massive anti-government protests to end the ruling of Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

A judicial committee for drafting constitutional amendments in Egypt proposed Saturday to reduce the length of presidential term to four years and impose a two-term limit on the president.

According to the committee, the constitutional amendments will be put to a national referendum before the parliamentary and presidential elections, which the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces promised to hold within six months.

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