Radhika Tanwar’s Family Recognizes Killer’s face

New Delhi: The family of slain Radhika Tanwar, who was gunned down in braod day light on March 8 in the national capital, had recognised her killer from a sketch released by the Delhi Police. The police had released the sketch yesterday on the basis of witness accounts. According to the family members of the 22-year-old girl, the sketch is almost matching the face of that boy who had been harassing the girl prior to her death.

Sketch Released by Delhi Police

The Police released the sketch of a suspect and appealed to eyewitnesses to come forward and help investigation by identifying the killer.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit met the grieving parents of Radhika today at their residence in Naraina. The chief minister defended the police inaction in the Radhika Tanwar case, saying that it was not just the police that was responsible but the people who were at the spot were also equally responsible.

She said that when the Delhi University girl was shot at what were the passersby doing? Were they blindfolded?

Radhika Tanwar was a second year honour student of Ramlal Anand College of South Campus in Delhi University who was shot at in broad daylight outside her college by unknown assailants.

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