Karunanidhi Says Congress Not Approached DMK to Resolve Stalemate

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New Delhi: DMK President M Karunandihi today said the Congress party was yet to talk to him on resolving the logjam over seat sharing, a day after his party announced pulling out its ministers from the union cabinet.

“No…No” was his response when reporters asked him if Congress party had approached his party for resolving the stalemate.

DMK Chief M Karunanidhi

Asked whether other parties including the left parties would join his combine, Karunanidhi said “it will be known in a day or two.”

He said he would reveal through media soon about the number of seats the DMK would contest for the April 13 polls.

Asked if Congress remaining adamant on its demand for 63 seats was the reason for the stalemate, Karunanidhi said that was “one of the reasons” but did not elaborate.

The DMK had announced its pull out from the union cabinet yesterday peeved over the Congress demand for 63 seats, saying that its national ally did not want it in the alliance.

The party’s ministers in the cabinet are scheduled to submit their resignations tomorrow.

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