NDA: Govt Has No Moral Right to Continue; Govt Says World Rejected WikiLeaks

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New Delhi: The Hindu-WikiLeaks revelations that former Congress MP Satish Sharma aide showed ‘two chests containing cash’ to buy out MPs to save the ruling Government has put the government on the back foot, while given the opposition  a short in the arm.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) issued a statement on Thursday asking the Prime Minister to resign.  The disclosure has added to the campaign of oppositions against corruption.

After heated arguments, both houses of the parliament have been adjourned till tomorrow.  Opposition – both on the Right and the Left – has demanded a statement from the PM.

The NDA, in its statement, later demanded: “this government has no moral right to continue, and it should quit.”

The defensive Congress tried to hit back on the opposition by blaming them for disrupting the parliament. Rajeev Shukla slammed the BJP for disruption and said that the government cannot take responsibility for “internal communications between embassies and their respective governments”.

He further argued, “The whole world has rejected the Wikileaks reports.”

Earlier Finance Minister said on the floor of the house, t”I cannot either confirm this or deny the WikiLeaks revelation.”

The CPI(M) has demanded registration of a case for ‘cash against vote’.


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