Oh… Are They Still Together???

An insight of relationships between stars of the Indian film industry by Anubhooti Panda, BeyondHeadlines

Before I enlighten you all about this strange world called Bollywood, here is a teeny weeny quiz question for you all. Who is the current flame of the industry’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor?

A.Deepika Padukone

B.Katrina Kaif

C.Sonam Kapoor

For all those who opted B as their answer…. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp….  You are wrong. I know you will remind me about stories of some serious PDA that the two stars indulged in up in the air. But then in the Bollywood time zone, that was long time ago.

According to some secret sources and some serious reports, the “love” chronicle has completed a full circle. The hunk broke up with Deepika to be with Kat (although they have never admitted to their relationship publicly, that is what the ex-girlfriend tells the world) and now has ditched Katrina, who incidentally is no longer “good friend” of Salman Bhai, to shower his affections on his current Rock(co)star Nargis Fakhri.  And in this twisted tale, it is the ex ex girlfriend, the Kingfisher girl, with the Kingfisher heir in the tow, who is having the last laugh….

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Good Old Days

Speaking of Bhai…. remember pretty Bhoomika Chawla who debuted against Sallu Miyan in Tere Naam? After four years of blissful marriage, this once upon a time actress has filed for a divorce from her yoga guru-cum-husband, Bharat Thakur.  Although these reports were soon followed by vehement denials from the pretty girl, we all know there is never any smoke without a little fire….Right???

Now that we are on the topic of one time actresses, last heard, Sanjay Kapur (saadi Dilli ka businessman, and not to be confused with the Anil Kapoor’s little brother) is finally heading for a divorce from his pretty wife and Bollywood’s darling, Karishma Kapoor.

Trouble had been brewing in the paradise ever since their hush hush marriage. But after two kids,  things now have taken turn for the worse. The other woman in this case is apparently Priya Chatwal, former model and the estranged wife of superrich American hotelier Vikram Chatwal.

Another erstwhile movie heroine who is in in the limelight for all the wrong marriage reasons is the ILU ILU girl. After her share of a long list of failed relationships, Manisha Koirala decided to settle down with Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal. But her recent Facebook status, “married but it is complicated” tells us that in her case, perhaps it was better never than getting late.

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir-Kapoor

And adding her name to the list is Pooja Batra, former beauty queen and “actress” who has filed for a divorce from Sonu Ahluwalia, a LA-based orthopaedic surgeon.

This time, the other person is the CAREER, which she wants to revive. Although we have absolutely no clue about what career she is talking about, we definitely give her a thumbs up for being such an optimistic person.

It seems like I have pretty much covered all the filmy couples heading for splitsvilla. Did I miss anyone? Oh yes, there were some news about the super sexy Bips and John going separate ways almost after 10 years of togetherness. But after the fitness expert tweeted that all is well in her life, we cannot help but believe her.

On that happy note, I close this list. The next time we meet, I promise to bring you some chirpy news about Bollywood shaadis (weddings), and I promise to prove you that in this filmy duniya (world), if there are break ups, there are happily ever after stories too. Till then, cheers to this mesmerizing world beyond the celluloid.

Anbhooti Panda is a Special Correspondent (Feature) at BH and can be reached at anubhooti@beyondheadlines.in


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