Police Release Sketch of Radhika’s Killer, Say Personal Motive Behind Murder

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New Delhi: Releasing the sketch of the killer of Radhika Tanwar, the 22-year-old girl who was shot dead in broad daylight near her college yesterday, the Delhi Police today said that the there was only one assailant who appeared to have been following her movement for a long. The police said that the crime might have been committed due to some kind of obsession.

Radhika Tanwar (L) and her grieving family (R) (Photo curtsey: The Hindu)

The killer is a youngster of average built, wheatish complexion, around 5.5 feet in height and was wearing a black T-shirt yesterday. But the police is not 100% certain about the description as, shockingly, there are no eyewitnesses.

Radhika was second-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) student of Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College.

Briefing the press about the ongoing investigation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Zone) HGS Dhaliwal said that the police are conducting through probe and that a number of teams are working closely on the case.

“Property was not the motive of the crime, it was some personal reason. We have tried reaching out to her friends, classmates, family to know more about what happened,” said DCP (South Delhi) HGS Dhaliwal.

The police also claimed that the assailant knew about her movement completely – knew what time she leaves her residence, takes the bus, gets dropped at Satya Niketan bus stop. And the foot over bridge has been carefully selected to murder Radhika.

Informing that Radhika’s friend who accompanied her everyday didn’t accompany her on Tuesday, Dhaliwal said, “It can be a case of obsession.”.

Radhika was shot by a 315 bore pistol and medical aid was not provided to Radhika soon after the shoot happened, he claimed.

“Duty constable reached within no time, he tried to stop many rickshaws, which didn’t stop and then he had to force one rickshaw to carry Radhika to the hospital,” he said.

The police have constituted different teams, which worked in different areas of Delhi in Radhika Tanwar murder case, informed Dhaliwal.

Emphasising that there was no intention of loot in the case, Dhaliwal said, “She was shot from a close range and he knew her movement”.

“College students stand on the ramp she was standing at, it’s generally crowded at this time,” he informed.

“There were too many witnesses of the murder but everyone denied seeing anything. It’s unfortunate that witnesses did not cooperate with us,” he said.

The police had received two different kinds of calls when the incident happened. “The description given to us is approximate, we have not come across anyone who has seen this incident happening,” said Dhaliwal.

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