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Hindi Media: This is the New Era of Indian Cricket

Razia Shahab for BeyondHeadlines

The editorial, articles and columns of the last week’s Hindi news papers were dominated by India’s victory in the ICC World Cup 2011. The fabulous performance of Team India in the World Cup final cheered the whole country. The remarkable victory was the prominent topic of discussion for people as well as experts of the Hindi media.

Most news papers are looking this victory as a matter of great honour and pride.

The editor of leading Hindi daily Dainik Bhasker writes: “Any country scarcely witness this kind of honorable moments. The sense of pleasure and achievement can be seen in the whole country. This is importance of cricket in India. The shining star of Ranchi spread the light in the Wankhede Stadium with his companions, and it made proud the whole nation.”

The editorial of another widely circulated Dainik Jagran says, “This victory delighted not only the people living in India but also Indians living in abroad. Team India has done what the whole country dream after every 4 year. This is the time of celebration and achievements.”

Most of the experts of the Hindi media think that this the new era of the Indian cricket as Sunjay Srivatava writes in an article published in daily Hindustan,”Now we are at the same position as West Indies was in 1970s and Australia was for the past two decades.”

In the country saw allegations and blame games of many scams and scandals in the recent past and in this situation, wining the Cricket World Cup served as the great source of changing the atmosphere of the country.

People celebrating the victory forget all these political scams all of a sudden. As the editor writes of Dainik Jagran, “This victory changed the atmosphere of the country for a while and gave the nation a great pleasure.”

India’s reputation as growing super power is increasing day by day in the whole world and that is why, this victory carries its own importance to the country. Avdhesh Kumar writes in his article published in Dainik Jagran, “The assumptions of the West about India is really good and this also empowered the psychology of the Indian cricket team.”

But some experts did appear optimistic with this victory. They claim that this victory will help the game to be controlled by the corporate world, which could not be in favour of the Indian cricket. Sanjay Srivatava writes in widely circulated Hindi daily Hindustan, “This victory will associate the Indian cricket with the corporate world by which our cricketers would earn a lot of money, but the game would fall under the control of industrialists.”

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