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Peace Party Condemn Police Violence in Bhatta-Parasaul Villages, Demand Compensation

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New Delhi: The Peace Party strongly condemned the singling of Muslim families in the police violence in Bhatta-Parsaul Villages in Gautambudhnagar area, involving state land acquisition row.Earlier a petition for CBI inquiry by 8 farmers alleging police atrocities was dismissed by Supreme Court.


The Mayawati government is trying to  revive the Yamuna Expressway Project in its effort to fulfill the promise of linking 160km  Delhi’s suburb Noida with historical  city Agra cutting the travel time to just 100 minutes . Projected as the showpiece of the party, a Rs.50 crore stamp duty was waived and has been termed by Mulayam Singh as the biggest land scam in the state involving Rs.2,500 crores.The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority  lists 334 villages in Gautambudh Nagar that will be affected by the project. Farmers have protested against the reselling of their fertile land by the Yamuna Authority to private developers at exhorbitant prices as compared to the compensation they received.


A statement released by the party highlighted large scale atrocities committed on the poor innocent villagers. Muslim families were particularly targeted and beaten up, who make 15% of the population in the area. Many of the reports were confirmed by the fact finding committee of the party that not even women were spared. Many of the villagers affected were not involved in agitation against the land acquisition.

The party has released a list of 17 persons with bullet injuries and multiple fractures. They are, Zahid s/o Naseer Khan, Jameela w/o Naseer Khan, Praveen s/o Insaf Ali, Hameedan w/o Mahtab, Bano w/o Kale Khan, Nazma w/o Bhure Khan, Bundo Khan s/o Sadiq, Haseena w/o Bundo Khan, Harun s/o Ahsan Ali, Sitara D/o Zahid, Shaukin s/o Bare khan, Naeem s/o Shaukir, Ikram s/o Aliid, Nargis w/o Salmu,Salmu s/o Munshi Khan, Rubina w/o Idrish, Shaira w/o Yaqub

Dozens of persons have gone missing without any trace while 6 persons were identified as jailed. They are, Alimuddin s/o Babu Khan, Bhura s/o Alimuddin, Shaukin s/o Ahsan Ali, Shaukat Ali s/o Bundo Khan, Akhtar s/o Bundo Khan and Naushad s/o Kale Khan.


The poor farmers, many of them, daily wagers, have faced severe problems since the day of incident following the cordoning of the area by the police. They are unable to earn daily, rations are running low and many families are on the brink of starvation.The party appealed for immediate relief for the families affected and a stop to high handedness of the police action.


The party has appealed for a CBI inquiry from the center and alerted the National Commission for Minorities as well as National Commission on Women to initiate action against officials and policemen involved in the brutal episode. It also demanded State compensation and an apology for the inhuman severe action of the police on the villagers.


The Peace Party, with a base among Eastern Uttar Pradesh Muslims was formed in 2009 and aims to expand it’s reach into the western region of the state. It will join with smaller parties  to contest the Assembly Elections set for 2012 in UP.


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