Rahul Attacks Mayawati, Pledges to Fight for Farmers

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New Delhi: Unfazed by the attack on his claims on the alleged police brutality in the villages of Greater Noida, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday appeared to justify those remarks saying people there had complained to him about the atrocities they were subjected to.

Declaring a war against Mayawati government, he said Congress would go to every village of the state and fight for ousting the government.

He also demanded a judicial inquiry into the violence in Bhatta-Parsaul villages he visited last week to empathise with the farmers agitating against land acquisition.

“Locals said that they were ready to give land. Women and poor farmers in the village told me, see what is happening to us. Why our houses are being burnt? Why are we beaten up? These questions are being asked,” he said addressing a two-day convention of the party here.

“The Uttar Pradesh government says all is well in Bhatta Parsaul. Then why Section 144 (prohibitory orders) has been imposed there. If everything is alright, why people are fleeing? If everything is alright, why a judicial probe is not being ordered? Free and fair inquiry is the need of the hour to fix responsibility”, Gandhi said.

A new legislation on land acquisition must top the Government agenda, given the growing resisting from famers. (The Hindu photo)

Rahul’s remarks come in the wake of media reports quoting villagers in Bhatta-Parsaul about the alleged police atrocities but disclaiming knowledge of rape of women and burning of farmers.

Challenging BSP, which says that he lacked issues, Rahul said that he had a lot of issues and time and would reach all the village of the state to fight with common man.

“I will reach every corner of the state and fight with you holding your hands. We will fight them (UP government) in every village and we will throw them out,” Gandhi said adding it was not a fight for elections.

While Gandhi himself remained silent on the veracity of the allegations he made after meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday, Congress party came out in his defence saying he only repeated what the villagers told him.

“Whatever has come in media in unfortunate. Nowhere did he (Gandhi) mention the number of 74 or 74 bodies. Rahul Gandhi had only said that at one place an ash heap of 70 foot area was there in which bones were found,” Congress General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi Dwivedi told reporters in New Delhi.

About the clashes in Greater Noida, Gandhi said that he went to the affected villages but only women were there as majority of men had fled due to fear.

Taking potshots at the BSP government, he said the state administration was not ready to accept problems in Bundelkhand despite that fact that condition of people there was miserable.

“What is the state government is doing. Bundelkhand is seeking help but the state government is not doing anything. I went to the Prime Minister and did whatever I can. But the money sent from Centre is not utilised here”, Gandhi said.

“I recently went there (Bundelkhand) where condition of roads were not good, farmers were not getting their due in mandi (market”, he said asking partymen to gear up for the decisive battle.

Asking partymen that his fight was not for the coming polls but for the development of Uttar Pradesh, he said that state had seen governments of SP, BSP and BJP but none of them could ensure development.

“Our fight is not for winning elections but to ensure better future for youths and development”, Gandhi said adding, “we want to change UP, we want to ensure development and this cannot happen without Congress.”

He claimed when asked about MNREGS scheme in Haryana and Andhra Pradesh, farmers and poor had all praises for it but on the contrary UP government said that the scheme was not needed in the state.

Asking party workers to shun the habit of pointing out what other parties like BSP, SP or Peace Party were doing in UP, Rahul said, “You all should stop saying this. Tell what Congress is doing and how we will change UP”.


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