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Singur First, Muslim Second For New Bengal CM

M Reyaz BeyondHeadlines

Kolkata: The newly appointed CM of West Bengal knows she drove on the throne with the help of angst of farmers and Muslims. It was clear on her first day in office that she will do all she can to repay them.

Courtesy: TOI

While her first decision was to return 400 acres of land in Singur to unwilling farmers, her second cabinet decision was that “a package will be prepared…request justice Sachar… (to) advice on how to proceed.” She later told the media, “we need to do something for the minorities.”

The vision document of the party for the assembly election had clearly stated to “set aside a portion of the State’s Budget for plans intended for the educational and economic uplift of Muslims” by setting up universities, colleges, schools and madarsas; and promoting Urdu language in Minority concentrated region.

The vision document had further stated to “Implement the recommendations of the Sachar Committee and the Ranganathan Commission, where 10% Urdu speaking Muslims are there.”

She has accordingly kept the portfolios of Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education with her, although there are six ministers in her cabinet from the community.



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