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The ISI chief accepts responsibility for Security Lapse In U.S Operation in Abbotabad.

The Chief of Pakistani Intelligence ( ISI ) , Lt. General.Ahmad Shuja Pasha apologized to the nation, accepted responsibility and is willing to resign for security lapse in which Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S forces in Pakistan without their knowledge.

In a high level Parliamentary proceeding attended by all Chief of Staff on Friday, he admitted the mistake and surrendered himself to the Parliamentary committee.’The failure was not intentional but I admit it was a mistake’ he is quoted to have said. He spoke of his intention to resign immediately following the breaking of news of the attack but was prevented by Prime Minister Yusuf Reza Gilani.

Pasha acknowledged the role of US in not sharing any information with Pakistan of where about of Osama nor the intended helicopter attack on their territory. The failure to detect the presence of Osama or his family living in garrison town, Abbotabad was also acknowledged. It has come as a big surprise to many that he lived in such close proximity of Military Academy for 5 years . Osama was never seen or detected outside his house although his wife did move out to obtain medicines , it was stated.

The Pakistani Air Force (PAF) failed to detect the American helicopters on their Radar System to take any action. Air Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Sulaiman explained to the Parliament of their role in failure. The Radar System failed because the American Helicopter were made of stealth Technology that prevents detection, they flew as low as 50 feet above the ground and chose a hilly route to accomplish their mission without being identified.The lease of Shamshi Airfield in Baluchistan to United Arab Emirates was also acknowledged, however it could not be confirmed if the base was used for drone attacks on tribal.

Pakistani Intelligence and Armed Forces have come under heavy pressure from all quarters to explain the inconsistencies their account of the incident, in which they were caught like a sitting duck. Pasha cited several examples like 9/11 in United States, Mumbai Attacks in India, the 7/7 bombing in London U.K of major security lapses. In none of these countries the Intelligence was targeted later like in Pakistan. Instead steps were taken to strengthen the agency in their operations.The political leadership should decide and provide the policy for security agencies.Earlier Opposition party members criticized the Intelligence and Army of meddling in politics.It was left to the Parliament to decide the future of Pakistan’s relation with United States.

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