To Strengthen Public Distribution NGO Demands ‘Food Right for All’

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Mumbai: To address malnourishment and food security issue Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ), a Mumbai based NGO, has launched a campaign in Maharashtra called Anna-cha-Adhikaar Sarvansaathi or ‘food right for all’ with the objective of strengthening the Public distribution system (PDS).

MPJ had appeared before the Justice Wadhawa Committee to explain the leakages in the PDS in 2010. It has demanded the implementation of Wadhawa report to strengthen the PDS and opposed the CCT (Cash Transfer). It is also opposes the cut down on subsidies in PDS as it would ‘harm overall welfare measures.’

It will go in 25 districts of the state in a two month state-wide awareness movement.

“Rationing of food grain is not carried out properly in many parts of the state. But, the poor section is helpless. So, we urge people to support the campaign that will help us to fight for the poor,” said Mohammed Siraj, president, MPJ, Maharashtra.

Soheb Lokhandwala, media secretary of MPJ, said: “The government has categorised people using colour codes for rationing cards. Our demand is everyone should get rationed food irrespective of their income,”

As part of the campaign, MPJ volunteers will conduct group meetings in slum areas and villages to inform people about their right to PDS.


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