IB Report Says Acharya Balkrishna Accused Under Arms Act

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New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s close aide Acharya Balkrishna is being investigated for procuring a fake Indian passport and for violating the Arms Act. Sources say that the Prime Minister’s Office has ordered an enquiry against Balkrishna.

A report on the website of CNN-IBN claim that the channel has some documents provided by the government, which shows that Balkrishna has been a repeat offender. He has allegedly violated the Arms Act and procured two licences fraudulently.

He is also being investigated for procuring a fake passport and for grabbing land.

CNN-IBN also claim to have accessed the Uttarakhand Intelligence Bureau (IB) report on Balkrishna. The Uttarakhand IB in 2005 had asked for an investigation into Balkrishna’s passport issued from Bareilly office in Uttar Pradesh.

Acharya Balkrishna

The state IB report also wants an investigation into why and how Balkrishna got two gun licences in violation of the Arms Act. A report by the Haridwar District Magistrate in 2008 claimed that Ramdev’s trusts have evaded stamp duty worth Rs 58 lakh. The District Magistrate report in 2008 also makes it clear that no land has been allotted to Ramdev’s trust by the administration.

Balkrishna surfaced on Tuesday after staying incommunicado for three days following Saturday midnight crackdown on Baba Ramdev’s supporters at New Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.

He claimed that he is an Indian and he was born in India although his parents are Nepalese.

“I was born in India, my parents are from Nepal. Many Nepalese people are born in India. The Indian constitution gives us rights to be citizen of this country. I am Indian according to the Constitution of India. I was born in Haridwar, I was educated in India. I have been working in India,” said Balkrishna while addressing a press conference in Haridwar.

Singh had alleged that Balkrishna was a Nepalese citizen and holds a Nepalese passport. Singh had also claimed that Balkrishna committed a crime in Nepal and fled to India.

However, he refused to reply when asked about allegations of having fled Nepal after committing a crime.


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