Ramdev’s Fast to Continue After Govt’s “Betrayal and Cheating”

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New Delhi: Baba Ramdev has accused the government of going back on words and vowed to fast till the black money is brought back to the country.

Earlier in the afternoon, he found himself in a tight position after union Minister Kapil Sibal made a letter, allegedly written by Ramdev’s close aide Acharya Bal Krishna Maharaj. By evening, as the ‘back channels’ talks failed, the yoga Guru was on offensive and accused the government of “betrayal and cheating”.

Baba Ramdev with his aide Acharya balKirshna Maharaj at Ram Leela Miadan in New Delhi (Courtesy: The Hindu/PTI))

He has still left the door open for communication though, saying he would now only listen to the prime minister, whom he respects.

Earlier Ramdev had announced that soon he will give “good news.” But as the talks failed, Sibal, sitting with his colleague Subodh Kant Sahay showed a letter to the media

Sibal was firm that the government has honoured all its commitments, but further warned subtly saying, “we are accommodative, we can also be firm.”

Ramdev, however, has made it clear that he will not be swayed by promises of any committees and that he expects the government to now take action to bring back the black money and declare it as “national asset.”

The government has made it clear though that they will not bring any ordinance, but is committed to starting the process of law.

Ramdev was forced to the back foot after the letter of his aide became public.  Many people asked him, “You kept the faithful, media and the nation in the dark.” He, however, has called Kapil Sibal “a liar.”

Media reports suggest ramdev had assured the government of calling off strike by 4.0 p.m.


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