Shanti Bhushan Writes to Pranab on Two Versions of Draft Lokpal; Demands “Equal Weightage” to Both Drafts

M Reyaz,  BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi: Shanti Bhushan, the Co-chairman of the Joint Drafting Committee on the Jan Lokpal Bill, has written a letter to Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukharjee, who is the Chairman of the Committee, demanding “equal weightage” to both the versions of the draft.

Bhusnan who is currently in USA referred to the release of comparative chart of different clauses in the media last week by Union Law Minister Verappa Moily, and alleged that the “chart does not present Jan Lokpal Bill accurately.”

In the letter, a copy of which is available with BeyondHeadlines Bhushan argues that “there are inaccuracies at many places” and many clauses not fully quoted. He further added, “Any person hence reading this chart will be completely in the dark about the provisions of Jan Lokpal Bill.”

He requested that if any comparative chart is to be prepared it should be done together; adding that “kindly do not release it without the concurrence of all members.”

There were reports that the Law Minister has said that the government’s version will be treated as “real” and Anna’s draft a “dissent note.”

Senior Bhushan clearly wrote, “We do not agree with that” as “both the drafts enjoy equal weightage as far as the outcome of the Joint-Committee is concerned” and hence both the drafts treated equally.


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