Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere

Evading Social Responsibilty

Hashim A. Ansari for BeyondHeadlines

It is scam era where every second day we hear about a new scam, complicity between politicians and big corporate houses who only think of their balance sheet. The situation is going haywire.

And the common man is just a spectator to these high profile games. As people raise voice against one issue, there arise a second matter which needs urgent consideration and the memory of people and media is short lived.

There is very little follow ups on any story in media.

 Often what is served in the name of news is plain entertainment. There is little in-depth analysis. People don’t want to know why infant mortality rate in India is so high and why the clean drinking water problem is increasing day by day.

Media is more concern about TRP. Bollywood or cricket grabs more eyes balls then says farmer suicides. Entertainment news, as it is produced, is easily available, requires little research and small budget but often gets you higher TRPs.

 Corrupt politicians would never want either their pay masters or fellow leaders to be prosecuted. Readymade excuses, citing laws, rules, privileges, are made even if there is sufficient proof. Many are even afraid to speak up.

Media and people at large are evading their social responsibilities which may cost dear to them.

(Hashim is a MBA graduate from Malegaon, Mahrashtra.)


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