Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere

Mahabharat Against Corruption

M K Gupta for BeyondHeadlines

 I congratulate all countrymen on the ‘Independence Day’ but till we get freedom from corruption and terrorism, this freedom is incomplete. Let all of us strive for getting freedom from evils. Money meant to run the govt and development has been diverted to foreign banks.

 War to get freedom from corruption is war between good and evil, Ram and Ravan and Pandavs and Kauravs.  Such rare moments comes once in our life and let us not miss the opportunity. The government has tried to crush the crusaders against black money at Ramlila ground that too at night recently but let us ensure that this time; they do not succeed in its evil designs by repeating the same.

 If we have Dhiristraj at the helm of affairs, some Bhishmpitamahs are supporting the Kauravas to keep their vow intact of supporting a party nourished by great Gandhi ji, second freedom struggle seems to be imminent.  This is the time for all the right thinking people to analyze the situation for the sake of their motherland, which is above all other consideration.


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