Modi Sets up Commission to counter Congress Corruption Allegations


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New Delhi: In a move to clear the air and come out clean against corruption, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced the set up of a state commission to investigate corruption. In a Cabinet meeting, the decision was made, “to bring to the people the truth about the Congress party allegation.”

The one man Commission will investigate allegations of corruption levied by the Congress party on Modi’s government. These allegations center around the relaxations offered to industrial houses in recent years. The commission will study all cases of corruption in the state from 1980. “The government is committed to carry out a transparent inquiry into the allegations,” said government spokesman Jay Narayan Vyas.

The Modi-led Gujarat Government was attacked by the Congress party and 17 allegations were made against it . Two cases are in court while 15 are being probed by the president, reported by Congress.

Former Supreme Court Judge M.B Shah will head the Commission, which will investigate land allocation policies in other states and corresponding tax concessions and deferment policies. It will also see to the appointment of Lokayukta in Gujarat. The Commission’s report is expected to come by March 31, just before the state goes for Assembly Polls. Justice Shah, a Gujarati, was previously the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court before being appointed to Supreme Court and retiring in 2003.

Opposition leader Shatisinh Gohhil said: “It is surprising that Modi, who is all praise for Anna Hazare, does not support the appointment of Justice RA Mehta, Hazare’s confidant, whose name has been suggested for Lokayukta. Now the chief minister has appointed a commission to cover up his deeds.”

The setting up of such a commission only proves Modi’s fears of a Lokayukta, and a powerless body is constituted to act as a front to counter corruption.The opposition leader has called Chief Minister Modi to an open debate on corruption in the state and the non-appointment of Loyukta for last seven years. He questioned the ability to choose and the choice of Justice M.B.Shah over Justice R.A Mehta whose name was suggested by the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court and forwarded for approval. Gujarat High Court has also sent a legal notice to Chief Minister for not appointing a Lokyukta for last 7 years.

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