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The Swami Agnivesh and Mr. Kapil

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Amidst the rumors of rupture in the Anna Team, the release of a video on the youtube has shocked the supporters of the Jan Lokpal Movement. In this video, Swami Agnivesh is talking to someone named Kapil (may be the HRD minister Kapil Sibal).

The saffron clad Swami suggested to Kapil not to concede any other ground and ridiculed the Anna team and referred their behavior to that of ‘mad elephants’.

 He further expressed his disappointment that the government has become so weak on the face of Anna’s fast. He was the first person to suggest Anna Hazare to end his fast but Team Anna refused despite the request from the parliament also. This is what perturbed the Swami. 

See the video and figure out what the Swamiji told to his friend Kapil!


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