BH Impact: Libel Case Against Jamia Professor for ‘Inflammatory Remarks’

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New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has taken ‘serious note of inflammatory comments and unacceptable remarks’ made during a lecture to MBA students by Professor Prahlad K Basu on September 7.

BeyondHeadlines had first reported on September 9 on the apparent ‘communal remarks’ made by the visiting faculty.

The press release by the university noted: “Guest lecturer made remarks that were personal and communal against students and the university causing deep anguish among students and faculty.”

It further added: “In Pursuance of its policy of zero tolerance against sectarian and communal elements of all hues, the Jamia is proceeding to prosecute Mr Basu for libel and to terminate all future association with him.”

Prof Basu, who has earlier served as the chairman of NALCO and is doctorate from from Cambridge, has allegedly said in class: “‘this is a third class minority university…you are idiots…u all are all illiterate…why am I wasting my time here…’

He also made comments on a burqa clad girl.

Students had hence written to the Director of the centre requesting to initiate “necessary disciplinary action” against him.

When BH contacted prof Basu, he denied making any ‘personal or communal remarks’ and added, “I love students and really want to work for their betterment.”

Prof Basu was very popular among his former students who believe that ‘although outspoken, he is not communal.”


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