No confirmation on who shot Malaysian journalist in Somalia.


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No confirmation could be reached of, who fired the shots that killed Malaysian Bernama cameraman in Mogadishu Somalia on 2nd September this year. Noramfaizul Mohd Nor 39, working as a cameraman for Bernama the official Malaysian Government News Agency, was shot dead on second day of Eid which raised great public sentiment and sympathy for his family. Foreign Minister said it was initially thought the shots came from African Union Mission but no confirmation could be reached. The authorities in Somalia were unsuccessful in getting the confirmation as they did not enjoy the cooperation of local war lords.He said they had asked them to investigate so it does not happen again. Such cases have been reported from Afghanistan, Iraq and other war torn countries.

The cameraman and other media persons were in Somalia to cover the Putra 1 Malaysia Club Humanitarian Mission to the famine stricken country. Clashes between rival militia groups lead to sudden and sporadic gun fire. The journalist were returning to their hotel when their four wheel drive was hit by gun fire and Nor lost his life and another TV3 injured.They were accompanied by local militia that are routinely engaged for protection and safety. Media Right Watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranked Somalia as Africa’s deadliest country for media personnel. It puts the total at, 23 journalist who have lost their lives there since 2007.

Somalia is worse affected country in the Horn of Africa with 10 million facing starvation and death. Without humanitarian aid the country faces famine which in parts have alrady been declared by UN.The Putra Malaysian Club has since decided to return next month to continue with the mission. The Minister has however prepared to keep in contact with authorities to keep the volunteers protected. The Club plans to open a refugee camp and name it after the killed cameraman.


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