Sacked Prof Basu Blames Internal Politics For His Removal; Rejects ‘Communal’ Allegation

BeyondHeadlines Special Correspondent

Professor Prahlad K Basu, who has been sacked from the post of guest faculty at Jamia Millia Islamia for alleged ‘defamatory remarks,’ refuted all allegations out rightly. He went on to add that he has been a victim of internal politics in the department.

BeyondHeadlines contacted Prof. Basu on September12, 2011 to clear his stand.

Prof. Basu accused the Director of Centre for Management Studies (CMS) of incompetency and for the ‘politics.’

He added that Prof U.M. Amin, honorary director of CMS, does not even hold a PhD and has still been made the director.

In his defense, Basu said that if he were communal his current and former students would not have loved him so much and expressed dismay over the whole episode.

He went on to add that he has been an ardent advocate of secularism and has always maintained that Jamia is a model secular university.

He further said that he is not short of job offers but that he liked Jamia and its social fabric and hence wanted to contribute to its betterment.

BeyondHeadlines talked to some of his former students and they all agreed that he may be frank to the point of being blunt at times, but rejected that he could be ‘communal.’

They pointed out that most of what he says is in humor and should have been taken like that.


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