AIESEC in Delhi University presents The HR Summit!

Shirin Rai Gupta

With the advent of the 21st century, change has been the one dependable factor in every venture. In order to match the increasing need for improved performance, organisations have started to look within rather than just at the competition to evaluate strategies that would fulfil the ambitions they set store by.

AIESEC in Delhi University, the Delhi chapter of the largest student run organisation worldwide has provided the Capital with several innovations in terms of international exchange, social entrepreneurship and corporate events since 1984. 2011 shall see them presenting .

The HR Summit on 3rd November at The Grand- New Delhi; in an attempt to bring together HR professionals from the top companies in the city and provide them with a unique platform to discuss, deliberate and ultimately understand wholly, the human resource challenges faced by a global world. The involvement of only students from Delhi University in the inception, organisation and execution of the event makes it unprecedented, creating a larger awareness of the potential of untrained students in terms of professional interaction and management skills.
AIESEC in Delhi University has geared up to look at the various obstacles rising up in the urban work culture with a view to systematically handle each adversity thrown at this generation of leaders by the rapidly changing methods and means of operation in the corporate world. It is only fitting to have Mr. N. S. Rajan, Ex NHRD President, Partner and Global Leader- People and Organization Ernst & Young as a Keynote Speaker for such an event. Well known individuals who have made an impact on the way human resources are handled, developed and function such as Suresh Rajpal (CEO, Visnova Solutions), Akshat Rathee (CEO, Nodwin Group of Companies), Jeyadev Parthasarathy (Founder of Quadrangle Consultancy which later merged with, Harshvendra Soin (Chief People’s Officer, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.) and Amit Bhatia (Founder & CEO, Aspire Human Capital Management) will be present at the HR Summit as panellists to give insight into international human resource management. Issues that may have been mentioned before but have hardly ever been given the time and energy that they deserve will be delved into; such as the need for internationalism, managing culture and diversity in the workplace, optimum exploitation of global talent and the delicate management of Gen Y shall be the highlight of the conclave.
The diverse audience comprising of CEOs of conglomerates, AIESEC India Board of Advisors, AIESEC in Delhi University Board of Advisors, HR professionals and select undergraduate students promises to pose interesting observations and questions to the many new concepts and theories that are expected to be unveiled at the HR Summit. The significance of networking shall be stressed upon at this conclave as it strives to provide everyone associated with it the platform to build successful business relationships by interacting with present and prospective clients, get an idea about the trends that are being talked about the most and exploit opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. The AIESEC experience is something that many corporate forces in NCR have already had a taste of, and for those who haven’t, the HR Summit will provide information and enable them to interact with partners of the organisation to learn more about the impact AIESEC has had on the corporate world.
This gathering shall also provide companies the opportunity to understand the scope and magnitude of the internships provided by AIESEC in Delhi University and the network thus created. This event hopes to bring together diverse and even conflicting opinions onto a neutral ground and help create an amalgamation of the great ideas that have led change in the 21st century and thus create more options for the rising generation. The common belief that the future will be what the present youth wants it to be like cannot be ignored and will receive the attention it deserves, along with inputs from the carefully selected student delegates at the event. The HR Summit hopes to not only leave an impact on the ways in which units interact, but also make them aware of how no interaction is complete without a future based projection, which can only be possible when the future of the unit itself is adding to it constructively.


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