Chilling Truth of Violence on Gandhi’s Birth Date

A documentary based on Rudrapur riots show how families were forced to leave.

Afroz Alam Sahil, BeyondHeadlines

A documentary film ‘PARTITION REVISITED’ ( by Rajeev Yadav & Shahnawaz Alam) is put on youtube for general public.

The documentary is based on the 2nd October 2011 riots in Rudrapur of Uttrakhand. The violence orchestrated by RSS fanatics on Birth date of Mahatma Gandhi, the man of Peace and Non Violence, left four muslim men dead and many injured. Feared with further violence many muslim families silently moved from this part of Uttrakhand.

The documentary establishes how Policemen & mobs led by leaders of the BJP, Congress & BSP had ransacked shops and settlements of Muslims in their third successful attempt within two years to stoke communal riot.

It should be noted that the riot, which took place on Gandhi Jayanti, led to a massive outmigration of the victimized community, reminding one of the days of the 1947 partition.

This film focuses on precisely this yet unnoticed phenomenon that we could trace out in this first-ever state-sponsored communal riot since the formation of Uttarakhand.

The documentary claims that the riots were engineered by RSS which has been working for a long time in this part to arouse the dormant anti Muslim sentiments in the Bengalis, Sikhs & Panjabi Hindus who came after partition to India.

At a time when the state is going to polls this riot assumes an electoral importance. Therefore we request you to accord the due importance to this humble effort of ours.

Video Link:

PARTITION REVISITED (A Documentry based on 2011 Rudrapur, Uttarakhand Riots)


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