Let us Talk About Sunny Leone!

Pranay Parashar for BeyondHeadlines

Sunny Leone, a Canada based Indian origin porn star grabbed the attention of young male community of our nation from the day the news of her induction in “ Big Boss“ broke, she has been the topic of debate among male community, be it office goers or college students. She fulfilled the prime objective of the daily SOAP, for which she was inducted. The SOAP was watched anxiously by thousands of TV viewer to get a glimpse of celebrated porn star. Popularity as well as viewership of TV channel soared. She also received constant media attention. Media channels too tried to reap the fruit, introducing her to the real civilized world. Her media popularity reached all time high. She becomes one of the most searched celebrities at Google and the demand of the websites, especially devoted to her, raised as expected. Newspapers printed her photo on their front page as it was, as they say on “public demand “.

What everyone missed was a subtle experiment that was unfolding not much conspicuously. An experiment that is engrained in ethics of human morals and dignity, even though its roots were deeply buried in narrow consideration of raising TRP of the channel itself.

It will be better to interpret it this way, a porn star (who is supposed to be representative of the porn world) brought to the “civilized and dignified world” through the medium of a commonly watched household program “Big Boss”, where she is eagerly watched for her activities. And the conclusion drawn from her mischievous acts is that she is not different from all of us. She talks, acts, behave like all of us, what then hinders her progress in our dignified and civilized world. Now the bitter questions arise, when she is a common prototype of a woman, are not we humane enough to accommodate her in our so called “Civilized Society”, so that the chances of her falling back to flesh trade can be minimized if she wishes so. Are not there million others, who are well behaved too, but had fallen prey to the hands of compulsion and carnal desires of humans? Why then this abject apathy toward these hapless creatures, don’t they deserve a better dignified life? Why people like her fall apart from us just because of her work or job?

It is our moral bankruptcy that we dodge these troubling questions, that see us in our faces and utters a loud, why?

Even in the past efforts had been made to bring back people. But these efforts were too small and too localized at personal level and failed grievously. This is the opportunity that the civilized world (we) need to snatch and make a big reset in its efforts to make this world a real civilized one.

Porn industry is a billion dolor industry and its proponents will thwart any attempt made to reform their world. But the world won’t find a better opportunity to make a start somewhere and Sunny could well play the role of brand ambassador, guiding million other unfortunate girls that had to sell their bodies to fill their bellies. She could play a role model for them who want to follow suit and seek refuge in arms of civilianization.

Even though it will be quite difficult to hold her back in this side as her demand in porn industry has increased manifold and there is danger of impinging upon her personal wishes and desire too. To contain, control or disband the thriving porn industry is beyond the capability of institutionalized set up. A concerted proactive support of civilized society is needed to uproot the sordid degradation of human life. Morality is complaining, the civilized world needs to adopt her, or the experiment will fail, shaking the very foundation of the civilized world that itself eulogize moral principles.


(The writer is a B. Tech student at Jamia Millia Islamia. His email id is pranayparashar@gmail.com. The views expressed in this article are writer’s own, and it does not necessarily reflect BH’s editorial policy)


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