Another Custodial Death in Andhra Pradesh

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On April 15, 2012, another man died in police custody at the Miyapur police station in Cyberabad district of Andhra Pradesh.

Earlier, one Mr Mekala Anjaiah died in police custody on March 2, 2012. The latest custodial death case is of Mr P Ram Reddy who died under mysterious circumstances on April 15.

After the media reported the custodial death of Ram Reddy, PUCL decided to form a fact finding committee to look into the matter. The team consisting of Jaya Vindhyala, Iqbal Khan and Salim visited the Miyapur Police Station.

According to the SHO,  P. Ram Reddy was taken to Lalitha- Gaatri Hospital(Pvt) when he complained of restlessness.

The SHO further stated that doctors have concluded that Mr. P. Ram Reddy died of a cardiac arrest.

Information about Ram Reddy’s Case

The SHO informed the PUCL team that on April 11, 2012, a person named Nagarjuna Rao filed a complaint in the police station against P.Ram Reddy and his associates.

In his complaint, Nagarjuna Rao said that P.Ram Reddy and his associates were threatening him to cough up Rs 10 lakhs. The SHO said that they made a plan to catch the culprits red handed and asked Mr. Nagarjuna Rao to call them to take the money.

The SHO stated that on 12-04-2012,  Ram Reddy didn’t come, instead he sent three persons- Bellam Konda Sandeep, Rohith Kumar, Nethagani Vikas to collect Rs 10 lakhs. The SHO said that the police team arrested them and later the trio was sent to judicial remand.

Upon further inquiry, police came to know that Ram Reddy was behind several extortion cases. So, on the night of April 14, around 10:30 pm they arrested Ram Reddy from the Gowli Guda (Imlybun Bus Depot) area.

The Police officials said that they had informed his father Srinivas Reddy that his son Ram Reddy was arrested. Srinivas had visited his son in the lock up on the same night.

“We came to know that Ram Reddy spent two lakhs rupees in constructing a Badminton court in Alluru of Nellore District. Ram Reddy was a Badminton player and was also giving training to some people,” the SHO added.

The SHO added that Ram Reddy worked in Nagarjuna Rao’s flour mill from 2005 to 2009. This was confirmed by Nagarjuna Rao. Nagarjun Rao said that Ram Reddy and his associates were threatening him and he gave them Rs 40 lakhs between 2009-2012.

“They were again threatening me to give Rs 10 lakh so this time I decided to inform the police,” Nagarjun added.


  • The death of Ram reddy is not a natural death.
  • In the Miyapur Police Station between March, 2011 to April 15, 2012, there were two lock up deaths.
  • Till now, the Government didn’t take any action against police officials involved in any of these cases.
  •  There were financial dealings between the junior officers and the senior officers. The low-level officers are sending monthly “Mamools”.  So, the higher authorities do not take action against them in any of the cases.
  • Some senior officials are only enjoying the power and are not sincere enough when it comes to their work. This is the reason for the increase in cruelty in some of the police officers.
  • On 14-04-2012, Nagarjun Rao and his associates attacked Ram Reddy in the Police Station. Ram Reddy was thrashed by Nagarjun Rao, his associatesand the police officials. They finally decided to kill him.
  • There have been financial dealings between Ram Reddy and Nagarjun Rao.
  • Why would a criminal build a Badminton court at the cost of Rs 2 lakhs?
  • There are differences between the information given by the SHO and higher officials regarding the custodial death.
  • Mr. Nagarjuna Rao has good relations in the police department, he has been openly declaring among locals that they murdered P. Ram Reddy.


  • The Government should take action against the officials who are involved in this Lock up Death. The SHO should be suspended.
  • An I.P.S Officer should be made responsible for these Lock up Deaths.
  • The Government should take disciplinary action against both senior and junior officials. Then only there would be a change in the behavior of the police officers and people’s trust will develop in the police.
  • The Government should give justice to the P. Ram Reddy family; protection and compensation  should be given for to the family.
  • The Government should order an enquiry by the sitting Judge of the High Court of AP.
  • The third degree methods should be completely prohibited in custody by implementation of guidelines in DK Basu Vs West Bengal (1996) Case by Supreme Court of India.


Custodial deaths are increasing day by day. And a forum should be formed comprising civil rights and human rights activists, and other active groups members to look into the issue. Only then facts will come out and justice will be delivered to the general public.


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