Beyond the Communal Lines…

Mohammed Arifuddin for BeyondHeadlines

Thursday, 29th March was a night-mare for the citizens of Sangareddy. Communal violence rocked the town after a fanatic politico posted a derogatory photograph of a religious place on Facebook. The violence caused heavy damage to 58 shops, 34 vehicles and a Mosque costing over Rs. 1.34 Crores. It started at 10pm on Thursday and continued till late night. While the public life seems to get back to normalcy, the extensive damage incurred by the ‘Common Man’ is yet to be compensated.

Preliminary enquiry by the Government suggests the involvement of the local politician in organizing the riots. The enquiry report is also critical of the utter negligence and failure of the Police force in stopping the violence.

Communal harmony and tolerance have always been the hallmark of Indian society. Nevertheless, the vested interests have tried to disrupt the harmony for their Political Mileage since the pre-independence era. In most instances, they have been successfully able to capitalize it. However, the Sangareddy chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has exhibited an exemplary character with their relief work. The Jamaat along with its students’ wing, Students’ Islamic Organisation of India have helped not only affected Muslims but also the Hindus. An amount of Rs 4 lakhs has been disbursed for this cause. Out of the total 77 affected people, there are 7 Hindus; the Jamaat has provided compensation to all of them. As part of the Relief plan, the total amount was divided into three slabs depending on the magnitude of damage caused; Rs 10,000 for Heavy damage, Rs. 5,000 for Medium damage and Rs. 3,000 for Low damage.

It is always the ‘Common Man’ who is at loss during such incidents. Jamaat’s relief efforts are a step towards reducing the damage caused and rebuilding positive relations between the two communities. This endeavor is definitely a milestone in safeguarding our heritage of communal harmony. Peace can prevail only through mutual respect and tolerance. Social disturbances cause a major hindrance to the progress and development of the country. Strong awakening among the masses is need of the hour. Let’s stand united against the dividing communalism. Let’s restore PEACE!!!

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