Maudany’s Case: Trial Should be Completed in Fast Track

 Ajit Sahi

We all know the experiences of Maudany, who is imprisoned in Karnataka Jail. It does not need any explanation to know how he was enlisted among the culprits of Coimbatore Blast Case and after a long period of imprisonment he was found innocent and let free. Now the Govt. of Karnataka has accused him of being a part of the Blast Case in Bangalore. There are many questions that the prosecutors of Karnataka should answer on how he has been enlisted in the Case.

While I was working with Tehelka I had to travel a lot around India. I have found in my long journey’s many innocent youths of India – most of them are Muslim Youth – in various prisons of India who have been enlisted in the list of criminals in many fake cases. Most of them are in the name of ‘War on Terrorism.’ It happens not only in the states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh headed by the BJP but many incidents like this happens in states like Maharashtra and Andhra. There is no doubt that there is strong plot in this. This is not only a plot; instead the common notion that prevails among common people and among the police and intelligence also has a strong role to play in this situation. No one will ask any question against any action if you call it as an act as the part of ‘War on Terrorism.’ This is what happened in Karnataka. The same misfortune happens to many innocent Muslim Youths of India. For example we can check the incidents took place after the blast in Mumbai. One person has already died in custody. Just on the same night of the blast the media announced that the hands behind the blast is of Indian Mujahideen and SIMI. Media quotes police to report this. I have checked many news papers and watched many channels. But none of them revealed the name of the official or the rank of the official who declared the news. This is a pagan stance. This is the real criminalism. The police themselves picture innocent people as criminals and create doubt among people. They have arrested hundreds of youths in the name of SIMI. Almost all of them are not found guilty of any crime. This type of cases happen mostly in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. One month ago, four youths were arrested in MP. Two from Ujjain and the other two from an another city. The police says that they are the workers of SIMI and Indian Mujahiddeen. I visited their homes accompanied by Maneesha Sethy, a human rights activist and the worker of Jamia Teacher’s Solidarity Association, Delhi (she strove to let the outer world know the realities in the Murder of Batla House in 2008). We visited their homes and talked to people around and surprisingly found out that all the accusations against these youths are found fake.

Police had arrested 10 Muslim Youth in the city of Kanduva in M P. The police informed that they were arrested while having a meeting to plan a terrorist attack. One of their brothers (he is an advocate) had complained to the police two days prior to the date of arrest that his brother was arrested  two days prior and is missing. The police informed that he was arrested and released soon. How can police arrest a man who was arrested two days ago and for being the part of an attack after two days of his arrest? This is the situation in almost all cases. They are cooked up. The same thing happened with Mrs. Shahina, the reporter of Tehelka in Kerala. She decided to visit the witnesses of the case of Maudany and informed the world the proof against Maudany is fake. That provoked the police.  This is a serious issue. What happens in India? the judiciary should pay attention in finishing all the trials against the Muslims of India including Maudany, the  people, the backward people in fast track. It is not only the responsibility of the Govt. of Kerala to try for this, but also the responsibility of the Govt. of Karnataka. I offer my whole hearted support to all the efforts to free Maudany.

(Speech delivered by Ajit Sahi during the Secretariat March in Thiruvananthapuram) 


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