MP CM is a Puppet, Here is Proof

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Is Madhya Pradesh becoming Indian Heaven for Corrupt and the Mafias? Or The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is reduced to a mere puppet acting on command of corrupt? Or the rampant corruption in the state is organised by the Chief Minister Himself?


The Recent Happenings in state raise even more serious questions. On March 8 a young and honest IPS officer was crushed to death. After much pressure MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan ordered CBI enquiry into the case. So far the state Govt. has done nothing against mining Mafia in the state.

Not only the honest officers but journalists are also on target of organised mafia rooted deep in state administration. Zahid Meer, a photojournalist with Dainik Bhaskar Group, questioned a corrupt official during an interview and in return his camera was broken and a case of obstruction government official was filed against him.

On March 28, Zahid Meer was with his fellow reporter during an interview for the paper. He asked a question to Mr. Surendra Singh Bhandari, Additional Director of Tribal Development department.

Thanks to a puppet CM, Mr. Bhandari find it easy to break camera of Mr. Meer and filing a case against him then answering a simple question regarding rampant corruption in the department. The Sorry state of Madhya Pradesh were further exposed when nothing could be done against the corrupt official despite the issue was raised in the state Assembly and assurance of Action from Chief Minister.

Mr. Meer, who met Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan says he has no faith in the state government or administration. Corruption is so organised in Madhya Pradesh that if you dare to expose you will be crushed by Mafia like officers. He says that Chief Minister could only give him weak assurance. He has lost his camera worth Rs. 70 thousand. Zahid Meer had bought the camera on loan.

Zahid Meer says that if tough action is not taken against Surendra Singh Bhandari, no journalist in state will dare to expose corruption that is too rampant in the administration that you see it even if you close your eyes.

Zahid says he has all proofs against the officer, why is state government reluctant in ordering Lokayukta enquiry against him. An honest investigation will not only expose corruption but will also lend Mr. Bhandari in Jail.

Expressing his anger against flag bearers of movement against corruption Mr. Meer says that Team Anna members were with him when he was kept in police station for 3 hours. Instead of arresting the officer for breaking his camera, the police tortured him mentally. Team Anna members saw everything but could not do anything. He says that corruption cannot be fought by mere speaking. You have to come to for front to fight it. But if the fate is like me, no one will dare even to question the corrupt.


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