Solidarity is New Mantra for Change in Youths

Mubassir Ali, BeyondHeadlines

Change comes from within. To uplift Muslim community in particular and society in general Muslim youths in Kerala have joined hands together. They are expressing their solidarity for all round development of the community and society.


Solidarity is the mantra of new age Muslims of the state. The youth have understood that only they can change their world and for this purpose they have come together in form of movement named ‘Solidarity’.

Started on May 13, 2003 in Kerala Solidarity is basically a youth movement that believes in channeling the revolutionary spirit of the youth creatively into constructive efforts that result in the betterment of the society as a Whole.

As the name suggest, Solidarity is a platform where all able Muslim youths join together and then work for upliftment of all sections of society. When popular front of India chopped off hands of a professor Solidarity came forward by donating blood to him. The Mantra is stay united and fight for the right causes.

P.I. Naushad, President of Solidarity Youth Movement says that sole objective of movement is to liberate the generation of youth from the immorality and debauchery and to transform them in to a radical vanguard fighting for the betterment of society.

Naushad says that we now know that only empowered youth can create a better country. So all our efforts are to prepare youth for a social revolution. Participation of empowered youth in political sphere can surely make a Proud Nation.

Talking about the movement Naushad said that solidarity is working for development of Minorities, Dalits and backward peoples. They had made around 1200 homes for poor. They are struggling for the backward area of Cochin called mattancherry, for victims of Endosalfan and fighting from the drinking water problems at rural areas of Kerala.

Solidarity movement is picking up daily life issues of locals. They are fighting for food, water and light. for ex Solidarity is running a project for south Cochin in kerela. In south Cochin lack of drinking water, shelter, job, educational backwardness, abject poverty and resultant issue like drug addiction and moral decay. Solidarity with help of well wishers intends to tackle each of issues in its comprehensive Cochin project.

Solidarity has also plans to organize agitations to make government take note of the plight of these unfortunates and to make sure that they provide these citizens with their fair share of assistance.

In this area called mattancherry builders are making their project and poor are losing their homes as well as jobs, solidarity is helping them for shelter by getting model project from surat and other part of country.

He told that water scarcity becomes worst in summer in Kerala. Families searches kilometers for drinking water. This causes health, social and family problem and places barricades before overall growth of generation, and it has never been addressed by government and non government bodies. Solidarity has implemented project for drinking water problem in 50 villages where government projects are insufficient or unavailable. Now this project has accepted taken by many of the panchayat and implemented in their areas.

Solidarity Youth Movement has organized numerous marches (including parliament march), solidarity has hosted speeches from human right and environmental activists, they made lot of protest and workshops for it with numerous public participation. Solidarity in the midst of all these efforts to get endosulfan banned, has also offered support to thousands of people negatively affected by the toxic pesticide where nearly 500 deaths and chronic health problems are attributed to past use of pesticide in cashew plantations. They provided medical treatment, housing, free rationing of food item, and education, employment and community development to the victims as part of their Endosalfan rehabilitation project.

Solidarity is also working for social justice specially to victims of government torture and injustice. They had organised protests in support of Binayak Sen, Soni sori and Abdul Nasir Maudany. Naushand said that silence of youth is root cause of injustice in India.

Naushad Believes that running out of the system is not the option rather be in system and fight for rights, The system can never be changed from outside. The change comes from within and youth need to come in system directly or they should involve in system to make it better. And if you feels that there is something wrong and system then don’t start blaming the system which is a big problem of our youth, we need not to blame the system we need to make the system better for us and country.


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