Student Struggle in Calicut University

Mubassir Ali for BeyondHeadlines

On last Friday 20th April 2012 some students of Calicut University went to discuss with exam controller about students problems regarding their fee hike, missing examination papers and delay in the publication of results, these students were brutally beaten by police and put them in jail for remand.

In Calicut University, which is a well known University in south India, some students with leaders of students Islamic organization of India (SIO) went to Dr. Sabastian (exam controller, Calicut University) to meet him and to discuss about students problem in his block. Students of University are suffering from the undisciplined behavior of University like announcement of 4, 5 and 6th semester results of the final batch and 1st, 2nd and 3rd year results of Second year students, registration of private students, increase in re-evaluation fees and when students demanded for their answer sheets University authority replied that they had lost thousands of answer-sheets. Because of such undisciplined nature of University around 25,000 students are missing there higher education every year.

The students and workers of SIO went to ask university authority’s action in written for all issues. When they requested to exam controller for discussion about students problems, Mr. Exam controller refused to meet them and to discuss on students problems, exam controller misbehaved with them in a rude manner. Because of these kind of rude attitude of exam controller students were compelled for encirclement of him, and to sit in exam controllers room until he given explanation in written. They blocked him in room demanding for discussion and to resolve of the problems. After students action police interfere in the matter. Police brutally beaten these students and arrested them forcefully.

Police unreasonably imposed non bail-able offence, by saying that these students had crossed the boundaries of protest in university as high declared university as non protest able zone. They imposed charge 142, 147, 353 and 452. These charge shows that police were directed by some other political bodies as they had imposed all fake charges, like charge 452 is for attach on private place while university is a public property. Police arrested 10 workers (Br. Aftab, Shakir, Sehal, Ashraf, Shuhaib, Hafiz, Wasim Akram, Tahirul Jamal etc.).First Class judicial magistrate sent them on remand. These students will be on remand in Tirur jail till Monday, on Monday they will attend district magistrate.

Now vice-chancellor of University requested by press notice to these students to please come and direct talk with him and don’t move to court and don’t take legal action against University.

Students Islamic organization of India (sio) Kerala state president Shihab Pokottoor stated that there were negotiation between police and university authority against sio activists and imposed those fake charges. Malappuram District Leaders of sio Jaseem puratoor and Ameen mongam were leading the matter. Mr. Jaseem told that we will do struggle till justice will be granted to students.

On 23rd April all these students got bail, they expressed their feeling as they will not stop fighting for welfare of students, they are not having any problem with police but they are very angry with University because they are destroying life of thousands of students each year.


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