Five Years of Makkah Masjid Blast: Investigation in Cold Storage

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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) on the occasion of five years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing, pay homage to the Martyrs and express its solidarity with the family of victims of bomb terror and police terror. This committee expresses its grief and sorrow on the conditions of victims and their families and also expresses concern over the negligence of government and inaction by the investigating agencies. It seems that the government and investigating agencies are not serious to investigate this case instead are behaving in biased manner. If carefully examined the Makkah Masjid bomb blast, subsequent police firing and the other bomb blasts in the country it can be said that there is something suspicious that is being shielded and the real culprits are being protected. By this the fact comes out that the investigating agencies are not serious and insincere.

CLMC strongly feel that the blasts that took place in Hyderabad at some or the point has nexus between a group of Hindutva police officers and Hindutva organizations. Actually the blasts that took place in Hyderabad were the part of greater conspiracy hatched by Hindutva elements present in the government and non-government agencies There is a reason to believe on this because immediately after the blast at Makkah Masjid, police opened fire on the Muslims who were helping the victims of the blast and also blamed the Muslims for the blast which is reported in the secret report of police. In this report it is mentioned that because of the differences between Ahle Hadees and Sunnatul Jamaat, Ahle Hadees people targeted Sunnatul Jamaat people through bomb blast. Police department registered two FIRs of Makkah Masjid bomb blast. One case was handed over to CBI and another case was retained by the Hyderabad police.

By taking the advantage of blast and on the name of investigation, police started picking hundreds and hundreds of Muslim youths, illegally detained and tortured mercilessly. Police forced the Muslim youths to say “Hey Ram” and disrespect the Holy quran and commented on religion Islam in insulting manner and forced them to take the responsibility of blasts. They propagated through media that Muslim youths have taken the responsibility of bomb blasts. They also disclosed the tampered recordings of Narco analysis test to the media. This clearly reflects the intentions of the investigation agency as they wanted to divert the blast investigation so that many aims can be fulfilled with a single shot. This may be to divert the attention from Sohrabuddin encounter, to bring down the morale of Muslim community, so that they cannot live with human dignity etc. Muslim leaders completely failed to tackle the situation and become defensive in this issue and the Hindutva terrorists succeeded in their aims initially. Due to the continuous pressure from the Muslim community, secular forces and the self confidence of Muslim youths the Hindutva terrorists did not succeed. Now the real terrorists have been exposed as well. All these terrorists belong to RSS gang.

Civil Liberties Committee strongly condemns the dual standard of the government. . The police officers those who were involved in implicating the Muslim youths have been rewarded with awards and promoted to higher post .Ramchandran and Harish Kumar Gupta who are actually responsible for the torture of Muslim youths, are today at the higher positions. The government is shielding the tainted police officers in the courts by appointing top most lawyers. The state government has dumped the State Minority Commission’s Advocate Ravichander report in which it is clearly mentioned that police torture took place and recommended that the tainted police officers should be punished, measures should be taken to build the confidence of Muslim community, 24 hours help line should be provided and the complaints should be heard and recorded by the chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh government. Instead of implementing the recommendations of Advocate Ravichander’s report, the government has dismissed the State Minority Commission itself. In fact, to get rid of implementing these recommendations, the government has tendered apology to Muslim community. By giving meagre amount on the name of compensation, it wants to cool down the emotions of Muslims, but don’t want to take any action against police officers because government it self depend on these police officers as they belongs to right wing group.

This committee wants to say that giving meagre amount on the name of compensation is not justice. Justice should be based on equity. Even after the completion of 5 years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast, the government has not taken any measures to provide justice. The demand of justice is that first of all government should close all the cases registered against Muslim youths in connection of blasts in the year 2007 (these cases are still open) Advocate Ravichander’s report should be presented in the Assembly and its recommendations should be implemented immediately. Tainted police officers should be punished, measures should be taken for the rehabilitation of Muslim youths, and the government should withdraw the advocates who are appointed to defend the tainted police officers in the courts.

On the completion of five years of Makkah Masjid bomb blast, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the Muslim ruling class to come into consciousness at least now and pressurize the government to present Advocate Ravichander’s report in the Assembly, it is a matter of great concern that even the MLA’s belongs to Muslim community or Congress,TDP,TRS,CPI,CPM,etc didn’t raised this issue in the assembly, this committee condemn the reckless attitude of political parties. Civil Liberties Committee wants to make it clear that the links of all the bomb blasts that took place in the country are connected with the Makkah Masjid bomb blast. For this purpose, the investigation should be done immediately in the greater interest of national security.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee on this occasion demands the Prime Minister of India to intervene into the situation and monitor the investigation of Makkah Masjid as the state government completely failed to full its responsibility. Victims are denied justice; therefore justice should be done as soon as possible. Advocate Ravichander’s report should be presented in the Assembly and implemented immediately.  Immediate measures should be taken to curb the Hindutva terrorism.


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