Public Policy Course for Development Leaders

Centre for Civil Society Organizes Certificate Course in Public Policy

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Centre for Civil Society (CCS), a leading research organization ranked in the top 50 Think Tanks worldwide, in partnership with the Earhart Foundation presents a three day residential course in public policy and liberal philosophy for Development Leaders. This course creates a space to develop partnerships, identify trends and innovative solutions to influencing public policy for inclusive and sustainable development in India. Development Leaders learn and share effective advocacy and evaluation methodology to further the vision of their organisation.

The Course Details:

Course: ipolicy for Development Leaders; Certificate in Public Policy

Venue and Duration: Bengaluru, 29 June-01 July 2012

Eligibility: This course is targeted towards senior management professionals (Directors, Operational Heads, Programme Managers) of civil society organisations who have experience in structuring, delivering, and evaluating scalable projects and schemes on various social problems principally in education, livelihood, and good governance. Heads of institutions could also nominate senior staff members to attend the course if they are unable to attend themselves..

Participants: 30 participants are chosen through a competitive evaluation process.

Fees: The course fee is Rs. 3000, which includes all meals and a three-night stay at the venue

Deadline: June 08, 2012

Contact: Sadaf Hussain: 99531 33868 or 011-2653 7456 ext: 25

Centre for Civil Society (CCS) is a globally recognized and highly ranked independent public policy think tank based in New Delhi working on research, advocacy and outreach on critical public policy issues that affect India. CCS was ranked 34 out of top 50 Global Think Tanks (non-US) in 2011 by University of Pennsylvania.

The ìpolicy experience encourages experiential learning, making for an exciting, engaging and entertaining course. Formats vary between interactive lectures, working groups, field visits and cooperative games. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn, engage, network and develop skills in critical thinking and public policy; all in a relaxed and enjoyable environment where the priority is you.

For More details on the course please visit the official site:


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