Appeal on Sarbajeet with Pakistani President

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Mohtaram Asif Zardari Saheb

We wish that India and Pakistan co-habit this earth as peaceful and friendly neighbours, and have been making our humble efforts in this regard for quite some time. To strengthen the forces of peace and friendship in both the countries, in addition to other initiatives, we organised ‘Delhi -Multan peace march’ in 2004. And, in 2010, Mumbai-Karachi peace rally was organised.

We note that the people of India and Pakistan, both, suffer from the same curses of poverty, wide spread illiteracy, and violence of various hues, and both the countries fare rather badly in terms of indices of wellness of nation’s citizens. Therefore, for the good of the people of both the countries and also the world peace, all issues need to be resolved through talk.

There is great bonhomie between the people of the two countries; and as we all know, even today the cross-border marriages do take place. We wish that at the level of two governments, there is confidence and warmth.

We also try our best that the Government of India follows a policy that is conducive for building a healthy relationship with Pakistan. At the same time, we cannot ignore that, on both sides of the border, there are forces that are not in favour of friendship between the two countries and continually work to create mistrust and enmity.

The release of Surjeet on June 28 has been hailed on both sides of the border. We, therefore, appeal to you to adopt the humanitarian approach, and as a gesture of magnanimity and goodwill, release Sarabjeet as well. That would strengthen friendship between India and Pakistan, and help strengthen the forces of peace in the subcontinent.

Sandeep pandey, Faisal khan 

National  Alliance of People’s Movement, Khudaikhidmatgar

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