Educated Muslim Youth will Change the Future of the Country: Mufti Mukarram

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Around a dozen Muslim student organizations gathered at a national seminar on  ‘Muslim Youth and Revival of Society’ organized by the Federation of Islamic Youth Organisations (FIYO) in New Delhi today.

The delegations of various organizations from across the country discussed to empower Muslim youths in various field of modern education and to develop leadership qualities to lead Muslim society toward constructive progress.

Shahi Imam of Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi, Mufti Mohammad Mukarram Ahmad encouraged students and youths to face the challenges among the Muslim community through education and character. “Muslim community is facing huge challenges and this is duty of Muslim students and youths to equip themselves through various kinds of education and morality.” He further added that “We have to show to the people through our words and deeds that we are a progressive, educated and peaceful community and can lead the nation.”

Accusing the government he lamented that the anti-Muslim forces want to degrade the Muslim youths and recognized this as a challenge. “We should change our attitude and move forward to face challenges. No one can harm us till we have patience and steadfastness,” he pointed out.

Convener of FIYO Abidur Rahman welcomed representatives of various organizations and emphasized to work together against the modern evils among youths like illiteracy and immorality. Mufti Arshad Faroqui of Markazi Jamiatul Ulama emphasized on unity and said now days the country is going to become nation of corruptions the responsibility of Muslim students and youths to plan systematically to achieve their educational goals and produce engineers, doctors along with maulvi and mufti.

Suhail Akhtar Qasmi of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and senior journalist Alim Naqvi also addressed the seminar. Representatives of other student organizations shared their views on the issue and decided to work with FIYO.

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