Activist Slams Ajay Devgan for Honouring Modi

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Eminent Rights Activist Shabnam Hashmi has written an Open Letter to Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan, condemning his gesture of hosting a show in honour of Narendra Modi.


Here is the full text: 

Mr. Ajay Devgan,

I don’t know if you will ever read this but I must write in the hope that some of your PR managers might read this. I saw your photograph shaking hands with Modi. You will be hosting a show in Modi’s honour on August 31 in Ahmedabad.

1. With life expectancy of citizens in Gujarat at 63 years, Gujarat is ranked 8th in the country, 7th in high mortality rate of   infants and ranked at 8th in mother mortality rate.

2. 55.30% women of the State suffering from anemia. Gujarat ranked at 13th in country in the matter for institutional delivery.

3. 23.50% children suffer from malnutrition and 45% children with lesser weight.

4. With Rs.270 per capita expenditure on health services, Gujarat is the 31st ranked State in entire country.

5. Modi Government which is generous to grant 33000 crores to Tata and 9,100 crores to Essar, has no money even to spend Rs.500-1000 on heath of people.

Life Expectancy at birth Sr. (2002-2006)

Name of State Male Female Total
Kerala 71.4 76.3 74.0
Punjab 68.4 70.4 69.4
Tamil Nadu 65.0 67.4 66.2
Haryana 65.9 66.3 66.2
Karnataka 63.6 67.1 65.3
West Bengal 64.1 65.8 64.9
Andhra Pradesh 62.9 65.5 64.4
Gujarat 62.9 65.2 64.1

Source: Office of the Registrar General of India; Ministry of Home Affairs; Economic Survey, 2010-2011

Infant Mortality Rate (per Sr. 1000 live births, 2009)

Name of State Male Female Total
Kerala 10 13 12
Tamil Nadu 30 33 31
Maharashtra 33 33 33
West Bengal 34 37 35
Punjab 39 43 41
Karnataka 44 46 45
Gujarat 49 51 50

Source: Office of the Registrar General of India; Ministry of Home Affairs; Economic Survey, 2010-2011

Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) SRS Bulletin- April 2009

Name of State  
Kerala 4.9
Tamil Nadu 6.6
Maharashtra 9.3
West Bengal 10.0
Andhra Pradesh 10.9
Punjab 13.7
Karnataka 14.0
Gujarat 14.8

Source: Registrar General of India, Special Bulletin of Maternal Mortality in India 2004-06 SRS

Birth rate (per 1000) 2008


Name of State  
Kerala 14.6
Tamil Nadu 16.0
Punjab 17.3
West Bengal 17.5
Maharashtra 17.9
Andhra Pradesh 18.4
Karnataka 19.8
Orissa 21.4
Gujarat 22.6

Source: Office of the Registrar General of India; Ministry of Home Affairs; Economic Survey, 2010-2011

Sex Ratio (0-6 Years)

Name of State Census 2001 Census 2011  
Punjab 798 846 48
Chandigarh 845 867 22
Haryana 819 830 11
Himachal Pradesh 896 906 10
A&N Islands 957 966 9
Mizoram 964 971 7
Tamilnadu 942 946 4
Gujarat 883 886 3

Source: (1) Census 2001; (2) Census 2011 Provisional results; and (3) 11th Five Year Plan

I btw documented the gang rape survivors in 2002. Across Gujarat the pattern was the same. Mobs came, attacked, dragged out women, stripped them naked, gang raped them, cut off their breasts, inserted iron rods and wooden rods in their bodies, poured petrol and burnt them.

Please tell your mother, your wife and if you have a daughter tell her too that you are supporting a man who has managed to dodge the system so well that he is still out while Maya Kodnanis and Babu Bajrangis whom he tried to save will no longer be free like him and being a kalakar you must support another kalakar who is a magician also. Best wishes to you and your support to the evil forces that stand against every modern, democratic and secular thought in this country.

Shabnam Hashmi

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