An Open Letter to Muslim Community… Read… Think and ACT…

Respected People in the community Asak!

Instead of spending money on organising dinners and mushairas on Sir Syed Day this year let us start collecting this money to open schools in our areas.

Today, the community needs modern English education. For this we require schools like DPS, Navodaya Vidhalayas and Central Schools in every minority concentrated areas.

Education is the only means which can take out the community from the present state of affairs.

The political, social and religious leadership of the community must come forward and help in opening these schools. These schools will be feeding centres for the colleges and universities.

After establishing these schools, we can concentrate on opening professional and technical educational institutions.

I appeal to all in India and abroad, please meet in India at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi or AMU or JMI or Lucknow or Hyderabd or any other convenient place to form a corpus of funds for establishing modern and English medium schools in minority concentrated areas.

We have to make a beginning. Honourable and reputed people in the community like Former Vice-Chancellors, IAS, IPS, Reti Red Judges, Government Officials, Professors, Advocates or other Professionals must be requested to come forward and accept the responsibility of establishing these schools. Businessmen and other employed persons in the community must be asked to donate generously to this corpus of funds.

I am sure, if a committee of some honourable and reputed people from the community is formed, there will be no major hurdle in collecting the funds and establishing these schools. The community is eager to cooperate in this Endeavour.

I humbly request all you to come forward and take initiative in this regard. Please fix a date and place of meeting for forming a committee and corpus of funds.

Somebody someday has to take the initiative. This is a call from the community. Please answer this call.

As you know that there is a need to form a committee and a corpus of funds for establishing English medium schools in minority concentrated areas, which can act as the feeding centres for the colleges, universities and technical and professional educational institutions.

In the coming weeks we are planning to call a meeting of reputed and responsible people from the community who will be forming  a committee for the purpose of looking after the opening of these schools.

I have some names in my mind, which I am giving here. If you have some more names, you are welcome to send us their names, contact details and designation etc. We will surely call them for the meeting. The proposed names for the meeting can be:

1. Justice Fatima Beevi, former Jugde Supreme Court of India

2. Mr. Naseem Ahmad, Ex- Vice-chancellor, AMU

3. Mrs. Saiyada Hamid, Member Planning Commission

4. Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, IPS and ex-Vice-chancellor, Agra University

5. Mr. P.A. Inamdar, Educationist, Pune.

6. Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor, NALSAR, Law University, Hyderabad.

7. Mr. S.M. Afzal, IPS, ex-Registrar, AMU and JMI.

8. Mr. Siraj Qureshi, Leading businessman and President, India Islamic Cultural Centre

9. Mr. Khwaja M. Shahid, IAS

10. Mr. Safdar H. Khan, Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission

11. Dr. Moosa Raza, Surgeon, USA and ex-President, AMUSU

12. Mr. Mohd Adeeb, MP Rajya Sabha, ex-President, AMUSU

13. Mr. Amer Ali Khan, Editor, Siasat Daily, Hyderabad

14. Mr. Shakeel Hasan Shamsi, Editor, Inquilab Daily, Delhi.

15. Mr. Shaheer Khan, USA

16. Mr. Afzal Usmani, USA

17. Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman National Commission for Minorities

18. Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi, ex-Chairman, MP Minorities Commission

19. Mr.S.M. Khan, Director, DD News

20. Justice Suhail Siddique, Chairman, National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions

21. Justice Fakhruddin

22. Mr. Mumtaz Khan, Al- Ameen Educational Institutions, Bangalore

23. Mr. Idrees Qureshi, Chairman, UP All India Muslim Education Society

24. Mrs. Uzma Naheed, Member, All India Muslim Personal Law Board

25. Mr. Khwaja Khaleelullah, President, Delhi chapter of All India Muslim Education Society.

Note: We are planning to contact them and request them for a meeting, where strategy regarding opening English medium schools in minority concentrated areas will be chalked out. If you have some more names, please send to us with their contact details and designation, we will feel privileged to call them for the meeting.

Soon, the date and venue for the meeting will be fixed keeping in view the convenience of all. You all will be intimated accordingly.

Your cooperation for this Endeavour will highly be appreciated.

With Regards

Abdul Hafiz Gandhi


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