Four Years of Batla House Encounter, Why No Probe and No Justice?

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Batla House Encounter, both religious and political leaders of the community have called for national solidarity and have reiterated their demand for an independent judicial probe. Jalaluddin Umri, the President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind asserted that the encounter was a fake one. He posits that had it been a genuine encounter then the government of India would not have shied away from establishing a juridical probe. He further adds that irrespective of the police and government stand, the community would continue its protest and insist on a judicial probe.
Mujtaba Farooque, President of Welfare Party of India shares Mr. Umri’s frustration and is very concerned about the way Muslim youth are being treated by the police in the name of counter-terrorism. He questions the role and functions of democratic institutions and how they failed to rise up to protect and uphold the rule of law. He added that respected institutions like National Human Rights Commissioner and the Lt Governor of Delhi etc have behaved in such a way that looks like mocking at minorities and their demands for a fair probe. There all reasons why a fair probe must be instituted but denying such a probe only confirms that they have many things to hide.
Amanatullah Khan, the General Secretary of Yuva Lok Jan Shakti Party feels that terrorism and counter-terrorism have become an industry where everyone gains except the victim. He further added that the police continues to arrest and detain youths just on the basis of suspicion not evidence and he believes this is done to weaken the community’s resolve to improve its social, political and economic profile. This discrimination and violation of rule of law not only makes the youth feel helpless, it also makes them frustrated and angry with the system. This is true especially when justice is delivered in one case and denied in another. Ranbir Singh, an MBA student from Ghaziabad was killed by Uttarakhand police in an encounter and a judicial probe was undertaken and in fact the accused police officials have been in Tihar Jail. He repeats, isnt this injustice in the case of Batla Encounter?

In our ongoing opinion survey and personal interviews with a number of leading activists and community leaders we have come across their heightened frustration, anguish and pain. They all want a fair probe.

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