Sherlyn Slapped Indian Media in Raunchy Way

Afroz Alam Sahil for BeyondHeadlines

What does a woman want and what can a woman do? The human intelligence is still seeking answer to the first question while Indian Playboy Girl Sherlyn Chopra had answered the later one. In last few days Sherlyn chopra had taken on the mightiest devil in India, No Doubt the Media, in her own raunchy way.

Sherlyn had not only slapped media tight in the face but had also questioned its ethics and morality. Just read this tweet from Sherlyn, ‘Received a text from a journalist friend that said that I should not bite the hand that feeds me. Well, don’t feed me stale food then.’

Another tweet from Sherlyn reads, ‘A humble note to the media: The day I have something substantial 2 say, a commendable body of work 2 showcase, I shall contact u myself.’

Now you might be wondering what had actually happened and why sherlyn was fuming so much on Media. In fact on Saturday eve Sherlyn Chopra arrived on twitter with objective to trend wolrdwide and in her bid to do so she crossed the lines which were not dared by even Poonam Pandey and others. She not only tweeted about her ‘Paid Sex’ life but also posted her masturbation pictures.

In reporting the new Sherlyn Avatar on twitter, the Indian News Media websites and channels used words like sleaze queen, desperedo and ironically also published her ‘porn pictures’, no doubt for pageviews and TRP.

Sherlyn replied, ‘Huge thanks to the media and others for titles such as ‘wanna be’, ‘the queen of sleaze’, ‘down market’, ‘cheap’, ‘desperado’, ‘shameless’ etc. I refuse to accept your negative opinions/thoughts/suggestions. More power and joy and peace to you all. Today, the media is shameless. They hide the truth and always look for masala in news.

Out of my 16 or 17 tweets which I had recently posted, which sum up my confessions, the media seems to find just one or two of them highly entertaining. The other 15 or 16 tweets do not matter much to the media…why…? Perhaps, they are not ‘spicy’ enough. And this is what is called “yellow journalism” n “yellow reporting” (if I may say so)..it presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to attract more viewership/readership. Those that lack integrity are condemning me for pouring my heart out with integrity.The day they cease to be prejudicial, I shall no longer be a ‘wanna be’ to them, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

Nobody in India has so far dared to speak on media so blatantly and so truthfully. The Corrupt politicians and public officers never dare to speak a word against media, for a simple reason, the media has power to destroy their reputation and chances of further loot and corruption. But Sherlyn Chopra had nothing to loose. She had proved that when a woman decides to do things, she can do anything, as challenging as taking on the Media. What all we can say is, Bravo Sherlyn, not for publising the pics but for slapping the Editors, red in their face.


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