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Recent incident at Azad Maidan in Mumbai has stirred many questions amongst the minds of intellectuals, community leaders and also in the Media. At a recent media meet someone tried to argue that Muslims are angry with Media for under reporting/no reporting of community related issues by them, but is that so? Media on the other hand has its own challenges. A great majority of them are fairly unbiased but they work in a system about which the community is least exposed to.

The importance of media and its relevance to the Muslim community cannot be overlooked. It is not only the responsibility of media to highlight issues related to a particular community but the community also needs to make concerted effort to improve its image by reaching out to the media. Nowadays Media is playing key role for spreading news and views, it is also creating new thoughts among youngsters. Media sometime manages issues which could be very strategic to the country and community.

To highlight the importance of good relations with media a dialogue is organised between the community leaders and media so that both sides can present their views and perspective in a more academic and amiable environment. This is primarily aimed at bridging gap between aspirations and realities from both the sides.

We are organizing a discussion on the topic of “Dialogue between Media and Muslims”. In this program we are inviting community leaders, intellectuals, thinkers and respectable personalities from our society. On the other hand media will be represented by Editors, reporters, interpreters, Media activist, and key personalities of various Media houses.

Among others following are expected to participate in the program:

Journalist Panel

Mr. Kumar Ketkar, Editor, Divya Marathi Daily, Mumbai

Mr. Devdas Matale, President, Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Mumbai

Ms. Sujata Anandan, Political editor, Hindustan Times Daily

Ms. Jyoti Punwani, Author, Senior Journalist

Mr. Jatin Desai, Senior Journalist

Mr. Shahid Latif, Editor Inquilab, Mumbai

Mr. Hasan Kamal, Senior Advisor, Sahara Daily

Mr. Gurbir Singh, Chairman Press Club Mumbai

Mr. Ram Punyani, Columnist

Mr. Abhilash Awasthi

Mr. Prem Shukla, Samna Daily

Ms. Rana Ayub, Tehelka, Mumbai

Mr. Sarfaraz Arzu, Editor, Hindustan Daily, Mumbai

Mr. Rafique Kamdar, Editor, Dinman Times, Thane

Community Intellectuals Panel

Mr. Munaf Hakim, Chairman Minority Commission Maharashtra

Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Film Director

Adv. Yusuf Hatim Mochala, All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Dr. Shariq Nisar, TASIS, Mumbai

Mr. Prof Abdurrazzaq Hunotagi, Director Anjuman I Islam Technical Collage, New Panvel

Mr. Athar Khan, President, Centre for Islamic Education, Bhopal

Mr.Haroon Mozawala, Member, All India Muslim Personal law Board, Mumbai

M. Burhanuddin Qasmi, Chief Editor, Eastern Crescent Monthly Magazine, Mumbai

Dr. Abdusshabaan, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Dr. Shakir Hussain, CEO, Hajj Committee of India, Mumbai

Mr. Ghulam Mohammed, Media Activist, Mumbai

Mr. P.A. Inamdar, Pune, Maharashtra

Public Opinion Panel

Ahmed Izhar, President, Urdu Patrakar Sangh, Mumbai

Mr. Feroz Mithiborwala, Awami Bharat, Mumbai

Kishore Jagtap, OBC Activist, Mumbai

Prof Kazim Malik, Parel, Mumbai

Mohammed Rehan Ansari, Correspondent,

Mr. Asim Khan, Editor,

Mr. Aftab, Save the Children, Delhi

Mr. Shahid Asari, News Express, Mumbai

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