Eye Witnesses Behind the Bar! Reward for Helping Their Friend !

Sangeeta Yadav for BeyondHeadlines

Where the law is? Where is the police? Justice has gone behind the fake reputation of big colleges.

Two innocent students named Saumya Saole and Akshay Damdhare, who are behind the bars and spending painful nights in the jail for helping their friend who recently attempted suicide in MIT Loni Campus- MANET. Amit Sharma attempted suicide on 26th October 2012, around 9.30 pm. He is a student of MANET in MIT LONI Campus who was drunk and fought with the local man called Akbar, who used to run a small Tapri behind the MIT campus. Amit Sharma was not in his senses and during the fight he couldn’t protect himself. So later on, he decided to commit suicide because he thought it was an insult for him. In his suicide note he wrote Akbar is responsible for his suicide. He had also mentioned two of his friends named Saumya Saole and Akshay Damdhare that they are the eye witness of this incident.

Instead of taking action against Akbar police put these two innocent students behind the bars. College did not reveal the actual suicide note and informed the police that these two students ragged Amit Sharma, which is far from the truth. On 27th October, 2012 whole college students protested against the college for this injustice done to these two students.

It’s the question of life and career of these two innocent students who are paying for something which they have not done. College is using them for their own fake reputation.

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