Inaugural of Ram-Rahim Shanti Sena

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On 8th and 9th September 2012, around 200 participants – interested in peace and prosperity of all the people of our country, hailing from 17 states – gathered for the National Youth Convention at Bahdharwah, Jammu and Kashmir, and serious discussions were held on the issue of communal-ism.

The need to mobilise the people-at-large, especially youth, was acutely felt. It emerged that we should not expect common people to come to attend our seminars etc, and we need to go and interact with them. The need for the struggles to root out the causes that engender communal-ism, and help communal forces grow, was also realized.

Peeping into our history of non-violent resistance to communalism, the example of Vinoba Bhawe ji – who had organised Shanti sena – was noticed. However, today, that Sena has very little influence in our society.

After serious deliberations, it was unanimously decided to form Ram-Rahim Shanti  Sena, a force for peace and love, with the prime objective of creating better appreciation of all religions amongst people of different religions in peaceful times, and to restore peace and harmony in the unfortunate event of development of communal tension in any area. Ram-Rahim Sainiks would relentlessly work for spreading message of love. A national co-ordination team of 22 youth to co-ordinate Ram-Rahim Shanti  Sena was formed.

On 2nd October 2012, the first meeting of the national co-ordination team will be held and the first batch of Ram-Rahim Sainiks would take pledge at 30 January Marg, where Gandhi ji had fallen victim to the forces of hatred.

We request you to support this endeavor, and if convenient, then also please join us.

Meeting of National co-ordination team of Ram-Rahim Shanti Sena 

TIME & DATE – 2ND OCTOBER FROM 10:00 am TO 3:30 pm

VENUE -5th Floor, Society for promotion of Wastelands Development , 14 A Vishnu Digamber Marg, New Delhi- 110002 

Pledge by first tukdee of Ram-Rahim Shanti Sainiks 

Time – 5:00pm 

VENUE – VENUE-5-TEES JANUARY MARG NEW DELHI (place where gandhiji was assassinated)

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