Why has the Indian Government forgotten Rural Farmers and the Small Scale?

BH Editorial Team

Our initiative to reach out to people on the relevance of Gandhi and his thoughts in 2012 has received overwhelming responses. Below is the response of Rakshpal Abrol, a consumer activist.

The Government has spent quite good amount of Public Money on Advertisement for 2nd October. The Government after failing to provide electricity in the rural area has de-nationalized the Supply of Electricity on 10th June,2003 .The Electricity (Supply) Act,1948, Indian Electricity Act 1910 etc have been repealed. The Coal allocation has been done to private firms to generate electricity, start distributing electricity and also transmit the same. Collect the charges in advance from the person named as Consumers.

No subsidy or concessions are applicable. The Small Scale Industries have been renamed as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises under MSMED Act 2006 with effect from 2nd October,2006. They are not provided any bank loan or financial assistance, as Industry they must stand at their own feet. They are producing 8600 items, which are equal produce by large scale unit at higher margin. They are not able to compete and unable pay back the money they have borrowed from Financial Institution and facing NPA’s.

The products belonging to Khadi & Village Industries are going to be marketed by Wal Mart and other MNCs under FDI in retail business having International Brands. The people in Power have forgotten Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri who had said JAI KISAN JAI JAWAN. Both these people live in rural India and not in urban places.

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