521 Days Passed, But No Any Information…

Jayanta Kumar Das for BeyondHeadlines

I  have asked  Two Information in separate application Under RTI Act to the Public Information officer of Town Police Station, Puri on 21 July 2011 by Speed Post (As the PIO-cum-IIC  Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty refused to take the Application by hand)

1.      RTI  Application No. 01-  Property statement of Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty of Town Police Station, Puri.

2.      RTI  Application No. 02- Information regarding the FRI No. 189 of 2010.

Both the Speed Post envelopes containing RTI Application returned to me with an endorsement by the Postman “Refused to Accept” on 26th Jul 2011 ( dear friends you can imagine the daringness of the PIO-cum-IIC of one Police Station to do this unlawful act  by refusing to accept one Speed Post Envelop, this Police Station is looking after the law and order of an area which is consisting more than Two Lakhs of Population,  Suppose instead of RTI Application if it would have been a Complaint sent by Speed Post by one Helpless  Rape Victim and the Inspector of that Police Station is refusing to accept the Speed Post Letter then what type of justice the rape victim can get from the Odisha Police!)

Then I appealed to the First Appellate Authority of District Police Office, Puri (Superintendent of Police) on 29 Jul 2010, the Appellate Authority ordered the PIO Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty to provide information within Seven days & give explanation for refusing to accept the Speed Post RTI Application, but no action was taken by the PIO.

Appeals and Complaint cases was filed with Information Commissioner on 17 Oct 2011 (C.C. NO 4381 & 4382 of 2011/ SA 411 & 422 of 2011), Both the complaint cases were heard carelessly on 12.12.2011 by Chief Information Commissioner Tarun Kanti Mishra (without giving intimation to both the parties), he has completed his formality by asking explanation from the PIO for imposition of Penalty (Till date it is not known whether any explanation was given by the PIO or not, I am sure that no further action is being taken by Sri Tarun Kanti Mishra).

Now it is the turn of Information Commissioner Sri Jagadananda. 31st Aug 2012 was fixed for hearing of Second Appeal  411 & 422 of 2011 by Information commissioner Sri Jagadananda, I was present (I have travelled a distance of Sixty Kms from Puri to Bhubaneswar for the hearing of this case) but the PIO Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty was absent without any intimation on the day of hearing hence another date for hearing was fixed to 19th Oct 2012 by Information Commissioner Sri Jagadananda, I returned to Puri without any result by killing my valuable time On 19th Oct 2012 again the PIO was absent hence once more the hearing was postponed to 03 Dec 2012 by Information Commissioner Sri Jagadananda.

On 03rd Dec 2012, I was present (I have travelled from Puri to Bhubaneswar for the hearing of this case) but the PIO Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty was absent without any intimation.

Hence the Information Commissioner Sri Jagadananda played the same role by fixing another date to 14th Jan 2012.

I have lost faith in these irresponsible Information Commissioners, especially in Sri Jagadananda, he should have imposed Penalty of Rs 25,000/- in each Appeal (Total Rs 50,000/-)on the PIO Inspector Bijayananda Mohanty for refusing to accept my Speed Post RTI Application and ordered Departmental Proceedings against the PIO for not attending the hearing, instead he has intentionally harassed me by killing valuable time and wasting my money, these types of harassment to the Appellant/Complainant is done by this Information Commissioner intentionally, on 12.12.2011 one RTI Activist expressed his dissatisfaction over the decision of Sri Jagadananda in a gentle manner and preferred to appeal in High Court, suddenly Sri Jagadananda called one Police Constable and ordered him to drag the RTI Activist and detain him till his further order and the Constable did the same, the RTI Activist was detained till 1:30 PM near the entrance of the Information Commission on that day.

Five Hundred and Twenty One (521) Days passed, I have neither got information to my RTI Applications dated 26th July 2011 nor any legal action is being taken against the PIO.


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