Admonitory Punishment must be given to the Rapist: SIO

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New Delhi :  The recent shocking case of a medical student being gang-raped and assaulted in a bus in Delhi on Sunday has raised so many questions on our Social and Security system. This heinous crime shocked the nation to think what kind of society we’re forming. Lust has made man so insensitive that he doesn’t hesitate to rape, maim and kill someone brutally.

Expressing his distress on the recent hideous crime – whose victim,  a 23 year old Para-medical student is battling for life – Mohd Azharuddin, National President, Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) said, “It’s the alarming situation for the society. The influence of cinema and pop culture is projecting women as objects of violence, lust and contempt. It’s the high time to rethink what kind of values to be driven in society. If yet we do not wake up, the society might face much more atrocious consequences in future”.

When asked about the punishment, he said “The flexibility of law and order encourages the culprits to go beyond the limits of crime. Admonitory punishment must be given to perpetrators that no one, in future, could even think of committing such crimes”. He lamented, “It’s national capital where politicians and VIPs enjoy the maximum security whereas common people are left to suffer by anti-social elements. The police must be accountable for public and ensure the security of citizens”.

“SIO expresses its anguish on the incident and is deeply concerned about degradation of moral and human values. A balance is needed, man and woman must realize their responsibility to maintain the moral fabric of the society”, He added.

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